Two Graves



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Josh Herdman as Teddy
David Hayman as Tommy
Cathy Tyson as Margaret
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrvanin 2 / 10

Mostly Drivel

A very predictable and dull movie where every character is very unlikable, shallow and generally idiotic. Accordingly I had no interest in the well-being of any of them and watched the story plod through to its dreary end. Dozens of silly old cliches - including the ancient one where two characters grapple - with one of them holding a gun, it "somehow" gets fired, they freeze instantly (like inexperienced actors and directors believe gunshot victims always do) and we wait to see which of them has been shot. The whole story is this unimaginative and unrealistic.And identically, ANYONE who gets shot in the this trashy movie freezes in shocked silence.

The frequent, gratuitous, deep bass sounds inserted for atmosphere are ridiculously amateurish.

I regret wasting my time on this move, giving it a rating of 2, which means I watched it to the end and despised it. (1 is reserved for garbage that I stop watching before it ends).

Reviewed by bfgpete-09106 8 / 10

Great British Thriller

Enjoyable British flick with some gritty acting which showed some really unpleasant characters. Plot was dark with some twists dragging you through the dirt they had found themselves in. Cathy Tyson and Katie Jarvis worked well together making the film rumble to a crunching ending 8/10

Reviewed by dwp1948 7 / 10

Alot Better Than IMDb 4.1 Stars - About A 6 Or 7 Star Movie? - Definately Worth Watching

05/02/2019 Not a bad movie. I got caught up in it and enjoyed the whole movie. Watch for yourself and then you can decide. Bon Appetit

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