The Amazing Mr. Blunden


Family / Fantasy / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 942


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Diana Dors as Mrs. Wickens the Housekeeper
Laurence Naismith as Mr. Blunden
Madeline Smith as Bella
Graham Crowden as Mr. Clutterbuck
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brickmeyer 10 / 10

Excellent Family Feel-Good Movie!

This movie worried me at first with a bit of a slow start, but it quickly changed into a wonderfully imaginative fairy tale. The characters are very good and the acting feels the period. Grahm Crowden from the British Sitcom "Waiting for God" does a very good job as well.

Everyone should give this one a try.

The concept is very intriguing and holds your interest well. I really loved the idea surrounding the ghosts and how they got where they were. The story is really one that I would love to share with my whole family.

This one feels like a Dickens Narrative due to the time period it is set in, which adds to the overall feel and believability.

Reviewed by darwiniantheory 10 / 10


Saw this film when I was a child, and it still gives me the same lil shudders and I STILL giggle in the right places... its a good old story with the sweetest ending EVER.

It really encapsulates the film genre of the 1970's and the old way of telling ghost stories which seems to have been lost in modern films.

This film is good for the whole family and actually deals with death and the afterlife in a manner that makes you talk about it afterwards

Reviewed by Marta 10 / 10

Very good fantasy film.

A very good family film; its only flaw is that it's a bit too long. The film takes place in England, in approximately 1916. A widow and her three children are left destitute on the husband's death. The mysterious Mr. Blunden shows up and offers the mother a caretaker's position at an old country mansion which was partially destroyed by a great fire decades ago. The family goes to live in a small cottage on the estate. The two oldest children, Lucy and Jamie, are drawn into the unsolved mystery that surrounds the old fire. They find out that the two heirs to the estate, a boy and girl, were killed in the fire, but it might have been murder and not an accident. The film takes a fanciful twist at this juncture, sending Lucy and Jamie back in time to save the two orphaned kids. Will they succeed? And what will it mean to their own lives if they do? What does Mr. Blunden have to do with all this and why does he need Lucy and Jamie's help? I can only say, rent the movie and find out. It has a nice late Victorian air to it, and is steeped in atmosphere. Older kids and adults will enjoy it; my entire family loves this movie.

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