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Richard Brake as Darius
Eddie Marsan as Jonas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luckyallstar 4 / 10

Tolerable dystopian flick.

My main gripe with this movie is somewhat lacking suspense and overall very shallow dive into the dystopian future presented. Too many questions about this remain completely unaddressed. We barely learn anything about the people living in the citadels or their motifs. In fact even the bare minimum we learn about them seems contradicting or rather the explanation given is an excuse. I reckon the reason why we're scratching the surface at best is because it lacks substance. The core idea of this dystopian society is greed of the few who live in a closed system and deliberately screw everyone else.

The other main concern is the main character. Vesper is a 13 year old who lives in a swamp and has no access to education (in fact her only book is a picture-book about animals) or technology. Yet, she has taught herself to engineer fantastical gadgets and become a genetic engineer. Do I need to say more? This is a main character of a YA novella.

Reviewed by Remia111 10 / 10

Errie, emotional and well done!

Was waiting for this movie and paid to see it. It's exceptionally well done with such a low budget and resources. Organic, natural, dirty, slimy, not, polished, sometimes too disturbing and brutal maybe, not "hollywood",no cheap pop corn eating action stuff. The actors were fantastic, the girl is a star! Also the drone "actor" gave it unusual playfulness.

The story itself was too emotional and heavy for me. Everyone is in survival mode. Lot's of fear and desperation around. I felt tense and went out with unease. Same uneasy feeling like in K. Buozyte first movie "The Collectress".

Not recommending for younger kids.

Reviewed by bmfer-1 4 / 10

Great Fantasy for kids

Not for adults really. Good FX but made for kids. Just kids acting like adults and saving the world kind of stuff. Nothing substantial or new here. I dont know why an opinion good or bad needs to be 150 words. Im not a professional movie critic. And this movie doesnt need a professional review, its just a fluff movie for kids.

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