Vice Versa


Comedy / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 9061

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Richard Kind as Floyd
Fred Savage as Charlie
Judge Reinhold as Marshall
Jane Lynch as Ms. Lindstrom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jew_59 6 / 10

Realistic Performances

While this one came out around the same time as other 'Body Swap' movies, and is usually blown off by most people as an inferior product. I just want to defend this flick for a bit.

Yes, it's a bit predictable, the script isn't the best out there, and it will never be considered a great classic, but the performances of Messrs. Reinhold and Savage are completely believable. In fact, I thought Reinhold's work in this one got overlooked. I'm not complaining about Tom Hanks' job in 'Big,' but I thought that since Hanks was playing an adolescent boy in a man's body, he played it a bit young. Reinhold, on the other hand, was playing a 9 or 10 year old boy, therefore his portrayal was easier to buy into.

Fred Savage does a very good job as the thirty-something man trapped in the body of a boy. The real selling points of these portrayals is in the details. Watch as Savage gives his 'son' encouragement, or Reinhold's uncertainty in dealing with the world.

As I said, a classic? Nah, but a fun afternoon of family entertainment? You bet!

Reviewed by jhaggardjr 9 / 10

Hilarious comedy/fantasy

"Vice Versa" is a very funny, very sweet comedy about a father and son who switch bodies thanks in part to a mysterious Thai skull that they both just happen to be touching at the same time (not to mention making an unintentional wish that they could trade places with each other). Judge Reinhold ("Beverly Hills Cop") and Fred Savage (TV's "The Wonder Years") are dynamite in their roles as the father and son who have to get used to doing things that they're not used to doing (the father goes to school; the son goes to work, etc.). "Vice Versa" has lots of big laughs and is perfect for the entire family. The film, shot almost entirely in Chicago, also uses the Chicago locations to good effect. A hilarious film from start to finish, and it's easily the best of the body switching movies that came out in 1987/1988 ("Like Father, Like Son", "18 Again", and "Big" were the others). I still can't understand why this movie flopped at the box office in 1988. The thing that shocks me is that "Like Father, Like Son" was the worst of these movies, and it made more money than "Vice Versa". I can't figure that one out. "Vice Versa" has 100 times more laughs than "Like Father, Like Son" ever had. Sometimes I can't understand these moviegoers. And in this case, the fact that "Vice Versa" faired poorly at the box office when released in 1988 to me remains an enigma. I saw this movie in a packed movie house on it's opening weekend and everyone (including myself and a friend of mine) was laughing out loud while watching it. It's that funny of a movie.

***1/2 (out of four)

Reviewed by mazdaprobegt 9 / 10

Good as a kid, great as an adult.

I vaguely remember enjoying this film as a child. Watching it a 2nd time now as a middle-aged man sheds a whole new light on this outstanding piece of work. There are parts that I'm sure I didn't find humorous back then that were absolutely hysterical this time around. Very subtle adult themes that went over my head now struck me as very clever.

I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this movie again. I highly recommend this film, especially to those that remember viewing it back in the 80's. I've found it to be more enjoyable than Big or any of the other body swap movies of that time.

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