The Silence


Horror / Thriller

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Miranda Otto as Kelly Andrews
John Corbett as Glenn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cavecornershop 2 / 10

What the....

What was the great Tucci doing in this film???

Just had to get off my chest - why would a house which is protected like Fort knox military compound have an obvious open tube / tunnel leading into it? Why would the owner of said house, who is obviously alert to her surroundings come out screaming with a gun so she is instantly attacked by the swarms of killer vespas who react to the slightest sound? Why if thousands of vespas swarm willingly into a wood chipper just because it's noisy - are these creatures not actually quite easy to kill? Use multiple massive mass vespa killing wood chipper type scenario? while shooting them and attacking with flamethrowers? God help us if completely blind stupid birds is what sends us back to the dark ages... Why does the deaf girl keep the sound on while face timing her boyfriend? Why that cheesy end like the girl and just morphed into Katniss and Gale???

This is the tip of the iceberg.

Utterly Woeful.

Reviewed by jesscalleen 3 / 10

Netflix Series Crossover

After a spell goes awry, Aunt Zelda & Sabrina are forced to reenact A Quiet Place with an 80s B movie creature feature budget, comparatively speaking.

Reviewed by penarozamatthew 5 / 10

It's alright if you don't think.

The 1st half was pretty good, but there are some serious plot holes.

How exactly would carnivorous bats survive underground for millions of years?

The writers also seriously expect us to believe that people would be starting crazy murder cults after just a few days? I cringed when the priest said "she is fertile".

How is the power still on? Aren't power plants loud?

It also seems completely implausible that this would be a completely world ending event. Can't you just blast loud sirens in the cities which would prevent the bats from homing in on small noises? It's also not like the bats can get through concrete.

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