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Michael Landes as Samuel Crone
Wendy Glenn as Sadie
J. LaRose as Wayne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blackfurredwolf 1 / 10


Just saw the movie and regret the time I had spent to see it. It seems as if the movie is cut short in many ways. There is no decent character development nor pace of the storytelling. In some movies it isn't required because it's portrayed well and interesting. Thisone surely isn't. Being a horror movie freak I could point out every and any scene that could have been made more interesting, as if the movie is made by someone who didn't care what he was doing. Such a shame. There are so many decent B movies in the horror genre that had a even smaller budget, but turned out great, entertaining and enough creepy at times. This movie missed the train on all those points. Too bad for words. I hope the film industry comes with better stuff, not puppets spreading their wings and that's supposed to be scary. Don't waste your time on this one peeps. Not worth your time at all.

Reviewed by eviscerations 1 / 10

no offense, but this movie is garbage.

the plot is just atrocious. the ending is ridiculous. the acting is terrible. the special effects are far from special. the theme is unoriginal. about the only enjoyable aspect of this "film" - i'd not call it that, but rather a "cinematic suppository" - would be the soundtrack. save yourself. save your money. save 2 hours of your life that you will never get back if you were to suffer through this travesty.

the saddest part about this movie is the fact that it will make more money than most of us make in our entire lifetimes.

oh and just to add perhaps some weight to my statements, i graduated film school. i spent months studying screenplays and the screen writing process. i went through years of work to attain my degree. you can take my opinion, or you can see for yourself.

i hope for the former. i'd rather you be spared the suffering that is this filth.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 3 / 10

Promising Premise, Messy and Disappointing Execution

The successful American writer and atheist Joseph Crone (Timothy Gibbs) participates in a support group to accept the death of his beloved wife Sarah (Salomé Jiménez) and their son Diogo. Joe befriends Sadie (Wendy Glenn) in one of the meetings and she helps him when he has a car accident.

When Joe's estranged religious brother Samuel Crone (Michael Landes) tells him that their father is terminal, he travels to Barcelona to stay near the death bed of his father. Joe has visions of demons and with the number 11 and he finds that something evil will happen with Samuel and him on 11 November 2011.

"11-11-11" is a film with a promising premise, but with a messy and disappointing execution. The screenplay is boring and confused; the scary atmosphere with demons repeats several times along the film and becomes irritating; and the predicable plot point is hard to believe, disclosed in very fast pace and annoying. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "11-11-11"

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