Village of the Damned


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 29%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
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Mark Hamill as Reverend George
Lindsey Haun as Mara Chaffee
Christopher Reeve as Dr. Alan Chaffee
Kirstie Alley as Dr. Susan Verner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by malonetritan 1 / 10

Garbage movie

Was boring to no end. Wasn't scary in the slightest.

Reviewed by Nicolas F. Costoglou 10 / 10

Movies are the window to the soul...

John Carpenter's "Village of the Damned" is the second remake of a classic movie he's made after "The Thing" and in my opinion as great.

I first watched the movie when i was still a little child close to my teenage years and had no idea what it was about, and it hooked me right from the start, because of the hypnotic soundtrack and the great sense of mystery. I recommend everyone who hasn't watched this film yet, to stop reading this, or any other information about it, and to watch it without knowing anything, it's perfect then.

The movie is directed masterfully, every scene is well thought out and perfectly shot from director of photography Gary B. Kibbe. Most of the suspenseful scenes are incredibly subtle. Most of the time, it's just the way the scene is lit, or the camera moves, which gives you chills.

The movie is also very atmospheric and it get's the right amount of juxtaposition between the village-folk, where everyone knows everyone and you care about all of them, and the terror which will take place through the only thing we thought might be innocent: Our children.

The acting is also superb, everyone gives a fitting performance most of all Christopher Reeve and Linda Kozlowsky. But i also have to mention the children: The are fantastic, they act well along with the adult actors and seem very adult themselves. I'm also very impressed that they act flawlessly in long takes, and they never had to cut around their performances.

This is also very important, because the actors are what holds the movie together, every scene is focused on them and it's the reason why it's such an intense and suspenseful experience.

I also really love that all of the terrifying death scenes and the finale act, aren't just there to show brutal violence, they doesn't show the violence, but the reaction of the characters to it, and that's the reason why you feel the impact of it.

The same with the scenes where they try to block the mind powers of the children, and most of all in the finale act, it's masterfully put together and you really feel the intensity, and helplessness of the characters.

Lika all of Carpenter's movies, this one also has a double-edged- ending, which is great as always. The protagonist get what they wanted in the end, BUT there is no hope in the future, love it.

All in all one of my favourite Mystery-Sci-Fi-Thrillers with great acting, direction, and soundtrack, all the more effective if you don 't know what it's about...

Reviewed by Payback1016 10 / 10

I honestly think it's better than the original.

Don't get me wrong, the original is a great classic and noting can really top that. However the Carpenter remake does take interesting steps that even the writer of the book. For example the stillborn. While much like the first movie, it's no surprise that there have been other Damned kids, whom have been swiftly eliminated. Neither side anticipated the complications that are seen in everyday child-birthing. Not only that but it's handled pretty realistically on all sides. With the mother, she wanted to have the kid in spite of the implications of the conception and the consequences the other parents faced and her denial of that pushed her over the edge. With David whom the child was to be his partner, he is the only one of the Damned that learned about pain and loss and is able to empathize with Reeve's character, who also suffered loss. This in turn caused him to at least try to reach out to the kids in hopes they could feel the same way David feels, which would give both humanity and the Damned a chance to live in peace. I can't help but praise Carpenter for trying to find a grey area, in his remake of a black and white classic.

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