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Anna Biller as Barbi / Viva-Rick's wife
Veronica Alicino as Miss Marker / Model agency assistant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karl-349 10 / 10

Viva is much more than just another, "That Seventies Film"

I caught this film at it's Pre - World Premiere at a press screening at the Rotterdam Film Festival back in January of this year and I really enjoyed it, mainly because I have never seen anything quite like it before and don't expect that I will likely ever see anything like it again.

The first thing that swept me away was the set design / art direction: right from the get go I had the feeling I was back in the 70's except it wasn't through the usual played out typical Hollywood re-interpretation of what the seventies were supposed to have looked like, this film elicits a "Holy S*** the filmmakers must have gotten their hands on a warehouse full of actual items from the 70's" sensation (and apparently they did collect props for years). The films colors are absolutely dazzling, the look achieved in the film is almost as if the director was aiming to visually reproduce the feel of a Technicolor film as filtered through copious amounts of LSD.

The characters the actors were portraying often came off as mindless automatons, sort of stereotypical parodies of American archetypes if you will, the performances were often wooden to the point of disbelief – almost as if they were trying to overact in a very detached manner, it worked quite well and added to the overall sense of "disbelief" I had while watching this film. Some of the lines the actors deliver were so incredibly vapid yet delivered so deadpan that I could not control my laughter, sometimes the sets alone were enough to make me giggle.

While the film certainly parodies B flicks on one level, on another it truly works as a piece of calculated and subversive art by reversing the usual misogynistic dynamics of the typical exploitation film: we see the repressed lead character Barbi transform into "Viva" who becomes self aware and empowered by discovering and reveling in her sexuality ( the animated orgasm scene is pretty awesome, apparently Anna Biller also animated this sequence! ) thus I venture to guess that Anna Biller may have very well created the first "post-feminist 70's era B flick exploitation homage film" - anyone know of anything else out there like this? I would definitely recommend this film to fans of John Waters work as well as anyone interested in feminist or subversive art, hell, Anna Biller's art direction alone warrants at least two viewings. All in all I really enjoyed the film, I do wish I had been just a little bit fresher for the screening as per film festival requirements I had slept about four hours the previous evening and was still a bit hungover. I hope I get the chance to see this film again because I would not hesitate to make some phone calls and round up a posse, Viva is definitely a film experience that would make for some excellent post film discussion over drinks.

If I were to make a criticism about Viva It would be that I think the film could use a little more time in the cutting room to trim it up perhaps just a wee bit, given that I was watching a world premiere I will assume that what I saw was perhaps the "directors cut". Regardless, Viva really is an achievement on several levels and it should certainly solidify Anna Biller as one of the freshest new multi-talented directorial voices of today.

Reviewed by Mr_Bombdiggity 6 / 10

Interesting if not Entirely Successful

An affectionate send-up of 60's and 70's sexploitation schlock, Viva is the brainchild of star, writer, director, producer, editor Anna Biller. Word has it she also catered the film, drove the actors to set and held the boom while simultaneously acting in front of the camera. I'm only half kidding. But it illustrates a problem with the film which is that with one person assuming so many of the key creative roles there's the risk of a loss of objectivity in the creative process and fewer people to hold the tendency towards self-indulgence in check.

Watching Viva, I couldn't help but feel it would have made a great short. There's about thirty minutes of interesting material here stretched out over a two hour running time. Once you get what the film is going for in its beginning act with the intentionally stilted performances, the mod set design, the garish color palette, Viva holds few surprises the rest of the way. That isn't to say the film is without its pleasures. Biller has the look of those films down pat - the aforementioned set design, the cinematography, the hair and makeup are completely evocative of the type of film-making Russ Meyer, Italian director Pasquale Campanile et al. made their names in back in the day. The performances, though, are uneven. Biller is fine as the titular character but some actors (notably the actor playing the hair dresser) do everything but look straight into the camera and wink directly at the audience. There's an art to acting in this kind of satire (see the Planet Terror portion of Grindhouse.

All in all, an interesting addition to what seems to be an emerging trend of films that attempt to revive long dead genres apparently beginning with 2003's Down With Love and then gaining mainstream popularity with Robert Rodriguez's Sin City in 2005.

Reviewed by StewedScrewednTattooed 3 / 10

Mondo disappointing!!

I can't believe people liked this movie!!! And believe me I'm not ignorant, I watch A lot of exploitation movies and film in general. Although this movie was meant as an homage, it seriously missed the mark. I think that it is such a rare thing when the whole 'directed by, produced, written, costumed and starring..' gimmick works and it only works when that person can act AND write (in my opinion she couldn't do either). There's a big difference between doing a send-off and making fun of the genre. The whole movie seemed like a giant 'stroke-fest' (like someone masturbating on film: solely for their own enjoyment and ego) where it was no accident that anyone with acting talent (or a better figure) were given minimal parts. Anna Biller cannot act- she's doing a really bad job of pretending to be a bad actor. (you know what they say; it takes a smart person to play dumb) AND please tell me someone else noticed the ugly faces she was making the ENTIRE movie?! That girl needs to spend some time in front of a mirror, practicing not doing that ever again. I did enjoy the orgy scene and the animation. I think if the movie were starring Robbin Ryan and Bridget Brno, it would have made for much better cinema. I may be starving for cinematic magic lately but, I'm not desperate enough to settle for less than fantastic. The musical numbers were sad and skimpy with the exception of Bridget Brno song in the bathtub. The 'two little girls from the suburbs' bugged me in a major way considering Viva couldn't touch Gentleman Prefer Blondes with a 100ft pole. The sets were good for the most part though inconsistent, as were the style and overall appearance of the film (sometimes it was bright and technicolor and sometimes muted.) Overall, I was just disappointed at what appeared to be a fantastic new movie but, ended up looking like a school project at times. That's what comes of thinking exploitation films look easy to make.

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