Celtic Pride


Comedy / Sport

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Daniel Stern as Mike O'Hara
Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Flaherty
Christopher McDonald as Coach Kimball
Damon Wayans as Lewis Scott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Boyo-2 3 / 10

Lame sports comedy

Review contains spoilers...

Two immature Celtics fans orchestrate an impromptu kidnapping of the star of the Utah Jazz in an effort to give the Celts the advantage in the deciding game of the NBA Finals.

When he escapes, he promises he will turn them in if the Jazz do not win. So these two moronic Celtic fans have to root for the Jazz in order to stay out of jail! When the Jazz win, they are happy..


But the audience is not. I am not a Celts fan, but if I were, I would be insulted by this movie. First of all, its called "Celtic Pride", which in an insult to the word 'pide', secondly, THEY LOSE THE NBA Championship, and third, over the final credits, we see Boston Garden be destroyed by wrecking balls! YAY!

To make it all that much worse, the kidnapped player happens to be an obnoxious, ball-hogging player, but through his adventures, He Learns Something about Friendship, Team and the Things that Matter the Most.

Spare me. Movie is a crock from start to finish. There is maybe a laugh or two to be had over the superstitions of a sports fan, over the over-exposure of an athlete, but they are few and far between. 3/10.

Reviewed by slimm 10 / 10

Now This Is A Great Movie

This has to be in my top 10 favourite movies of all time it is great, The performance laid down by Damon wayans is one of Oscar nomination quality and although it wasn't a very recognised film that doesnt stop it from being an excellent film.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 1 / 10

Deserves To Be Dunked In The Dumper

As a Celtic fan for a number of years, I was looking forward to this film, only to be a victim of the filmworld's incredible bias. This tape got slammed-dunked in the garbage pail, where it belongs.

I was totally offended at Dan Ackroyd making several out-and-out extremely bigoted anti-Christian statements, designed for cheap laughs that would never be permitted had he been denigrating any other religion or race or group. If that wasn't enough, we get a guy holding a sign with Scripture reference acting rude and then getting beat up....for laughs again. Incredible. This movie doesn't stop there. We also see a black guy yelling racist remarks that a white person would never get away with saying, and rightly so.....but in Hollywood, these double standards still exist.

It turns out the only funny thing in the movie was the parody of fans who take sports too seriously. That was the idea behind the story, so why all the religious cheap shots?

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