Dead End



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Daniel Moncada as Little Sleepy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bgsmoove 1 / 10

False Advertising!

Why is Vivica A. Fox face on the poster? Her appearance is approximately 2 minutes in beginning of this horrible bad acting movie! I'm about 30 minutes in and she hadn't been seen since.. I got to turn this crap off! If I was Vivica, I'd stay in my trailer or dressing room too.. Skip this.. You've Been Warned!

Reviewed by psxexperten 1 / 10

Third rate, low budget disaster.

It is a disaster, very bad acting, very bad camera scenes,very bad movie effects, very bad everything. Words cannot express how horrible this movie is. Watching paint dry is quicker & more interesting. I wanted to dig my eyes out with a rusty fork. I had to give it one star because zero isn't an option.

Reviewed by Hokesone 1 / 10

Very low budget

Firstly,Vivica is in only in it for 2mins,they just use a A name actors face in the cover to promote a absolute failure. It's just BAAAAD,I've seen some crap before but jeez this takes the cake. They must have found the cheapest nastiest camera and who ever to operate it,shooting is just terrible,even the story line is pathetic and unoriginal. I actually wish the rating system had -1,because 1 star is way to much.. PASS..

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