Waiting to Exhale


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Giancarlo Esposito as David Matthews
Kelly Preston as Kathleen
Wesley Snipes as James Wheeler
Angela Bassett as Bernadine Harris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sam_nas 9 / 10

Good movie

This was a good movie, even though I'm not the target audience. It's nice to see that black women had a movie about them, and thanks to the star power of Whitney Houston it became no.1 and was a big hit. I am actually tired of reading little comments saying that Whitney isn't that good of an actress because all of those comments are based on the fact that she's a singer. If she wasn't a famous singer, nobody would say anything bad about her acting. IMO, she acted very well just like in all her movies, she's not an oscar caliber actress (very few are) but she definitely has screen presence, charisma and gets the job done. Stop hating her because she's a singer, unlike Madonna or Mariah, Whitney at least did some quality work with some quality people, and she hasn't had flops & horrible movies.

Reviewed by jazp 9 / 10

great touching story

While this movie truly is bound to be more appealing to women than men, it is a touching story of four best friends. How they stick together and grow together through life's mistakes, joys, and bad taste in men. I love Angela Bassett and she is outstanding in this movie. The other 3 ladies, Whitney,Lela, and Loretta do great jobs too. This movie is filled with sweet moments, great laughter, and maybe some tears. Just a wonderful movie that shows what friendship is about. I have not read the book, but I have heard many times that the book is better... but hey thats true for almost every book turned movie. So all I know is I love this movie, and every time I watch it, it gives me great pleasure. Not too mention the soundtrack is fabulous! Whitney, Brandy, Babyface,Faith Evans,and Mary J Blige make the music in the film absolutely great.

Reviewed by tasinda 3 / 10

Double Standard

So I finally got around to watching "Waiting to Exhale" on Encore the other night and I don't understand why this became a hit.

(Note: spoilers ahead) As far as I can tell, the basic premise of this film is that all men are insensitive, callous and unfeeling; especially towards women.

Okay, well and good. That is the storyline? Fine. Men suck, got it.

But there is a huge double standard here; two of the women are dating married men and clearly, we are meant to be sympathetic about their plight as they whine and cry about not having "their" man with them at night in bed.

How about this? STOP DATING MARRIED MEN! Maybe that's your problem in the first place.

Now, on the flip side, Angela Basset's character is abandoned by her husband for another woman. Yet, if you pay attention, even this character is not completely innocent. When her husband informs her he is leaving, the things she says makes it clear she's known about his lover(s) for years but ignored his infidelities. Why? Obviously, because he's so wealthy.

She liked all the "stuff" a little too much to have confronted him about it. Again, she's made her bed here, not as completely as the two who are actively cheating, but still. She spends the rest of the movie being so angry that he left her you never really grow to like her. Strangest of all is the man whose wife is dying of cancer; he sleeps with the Angela Basset character after they run into each other at a bar. With their clothes on, which apparently means it's oh-so-platonic and sweet. Then he writes her a letter months later, thanking her for that night and leading the viewer to believe that when his wife kicks off, he'll contact her again.

Did anyone else think this was more than a little sleazy? I would hope if I were dying of breast cancer that my husband wasn't out sleeping around (and I do mean just sleeping) with other women. Sweet, platonic, whatever; I think it's pretty horrible.

Bottom line; the characters you're supposed to connect to are unlikable and the ones you're supposed to hate are just pathetic. Not very enjoyable. However, I did give it three stars for the music, which didn't suck too badly and the clothes and style. It's a nice little snapshot of how things looked in '95. And the print wasn't very faded.

That's about it, though.

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