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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 84095


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by balsamic-83888 1 / 10


We just bought the movie because was rated 6.8 stars but couldn't watch until the end. It was so bad...... I don't know how it got 6.8 stars....

Reviewed by David Sperling 1 / 10

This was hard to watch

This movie was very hard to watch and it is certainly not worth of your 104 minutes. The "humor" was really childish and I actually felt really bad for the actors. The story itself is uneventful and non-realistic. This title is boring, unoriginal and cheesy. I am very surprised that it rated 6.8 on IMDb as I was really just waiting for it to end and was so sad about my decision to watch this film.

Reviewed by Dunham16 7 / 10

a remake of a classic theme about employees of a business

The theme is employees of a business put up with behind the scenes problems and nuisances but if needing the job somehow pull through and continue to collect their pay. The hit Hollywood movie IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME 1949 and the hit British situation comedy ARE YOU BEING SERVED 1975 through 1975-82 are prime examples of this genre at its finest. WAITING 2005 is a Hollywood comedy which fictionalizes the problems behind the scenes of employees at a chain restaurant which for some reason is visualized by the photographer and editor as resembling many branches of the real Applebees chain. The movie focus on crude humor melded to public male nudity. What seems fascinating is the prediction in this well made and edited film of the general historic failure to soon follow of branches of chain restaurants as more and more emigres to American urban centers in which chain restaurants often focus their branches recently relocated from more rural areas of low population density. If not in fact today frankly preferring takeout when this is a local option they otherwise prefer the food court in which the customers line up at the counter of the particular takeout they prefer at that hour to be invited if they prefer to consume their meal at tables within the facility but not managed by the counter staff at which they order their food.In retrospect this level of chain restaurant branch which once flourished in neighborhoods in which the local patrons preferred to regularly visit these establishments for regular meals is today on the way out on the American landscape.

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