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Amanda Crew as Sonia Logan
Dustin Milligan as Kyle Halsted
Alexia Fast as Charlotte Halsted
Emily Perkins as Jumper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by suissenavy 8 / 10

A real good watch........Great ending to.

Just saw this and thought I would give it a review as it entertained me. There is a lot of hardcore scenes due to one characters O.T.T. maniac tendencies. It really is enjoyable and reaches full speed at an admirable pace. I won't bother re-rewriting the plot synopsis posted with the film, just tell you that you can expect all the same rules as the Bill Murray film about the same situation, just here we see a more sinister side to the event. We also have three very troubled people trying to figure out why this is happening to them, on this day. The climax is cool and don't turn your head too soon when you see the first credits role.OK?

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Old Storyline, Great Story of Redemption, Awful Twist in the Last Scene

In Mission City, Kyle Halsted (Dustin Milligan), Sonia Logan (Amanda Crew) and Michael "Mike" Weeks (Richard de Klerk) are interned in a rehabilitation facility run by Bob Simpson (Benjamin Ratner). One Wednesday, they have a pass to go outside the site and Kyle visits his sister Charlotte Halsted (Alexia Fast) at the Mission Secondary School but she does not talk to him. Sonia goes to the hospital where her father is terminal, but she does not visit him. Mike visits his father at the Maximum Security Correctional Facility where he is prisoner and the man does not talk to Mike.

During the night, there is a storm and Kyle, Sonia and Mike have electrical shocks and on the next morning, they awaken on the same day. When they realize that the Wednesday is repeating over and over again, their first reaction is to have fun with dangerous situations. Soon Kyle and Sonia disclose secrets and they decide to use the days to resolve personal issues mending their lives. But Mike decides to route through a criminal life believing that on the next morning, everything would be over.

A couple of months ago, I started watching "Repeaters" on DVD with family and friends at home and we decided to stop. Today I have just watched alone and despite the old storyline of many other movies, I found a great story of redemption of youths that have the chance to rethink their lives and mend their lives. Unfortunately there is an awful twist in the last scene that I prefer to ignore. The question is, what would the writer and the director be thinking including such stupid last scene? A sequel? My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Labirinto do Tempo" ("Time Labyrinth")

Reviewed by trashgang 7 / 10

strong performances

When I was looking at the cast I thought, oh no not another teenager flick like Twilight or that kind of trash. I have nothing against teenager flicks, I liked Red Riding Hood and Jennifer's Body, but I have something against flicks that are about nothing just some love story. But when I saw Michael (Richard De Klerk) I remembered him from the 4400 series, and the face of Amanda Crew did ring a bell too, Final Destination 3. Dustin Milligan, the third main lead I knew from The Messengers so I knew they could deliver their stuff. And they did, the performances are excellent and you really believe the characters. Somehow the story reminded me of Triangle. You better have full attention to understand it all. It's an excellent flick not only for teens but also for Sci-Fi freaks and for people who can dig thrillers. I won't go that far to say it's a drama because the Sci-Fy takes the main part. It's never explained what has happened to them but the story is strong enough to let you forget that. Their is some red stuff in it, not that it's creepy or anything but it can offend the people with weak stomachs. So it's a bit for everybody, or did I repeat myself?

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