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Evan Ross as Ant
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Tasha Smith as Gayle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by squarefanatic 10 / 10

Is it just me, or is this film horribly underrated?

Wow - this is a surprise. Watch it because it's proof that a lot of IMDBers are really full of crap pawns that care more about peoples' opinions of their opinions than they do about whether or not the movie is actually any good. Stupid sheep. This was very emotional, GREAT characterization, awesome photography, and extremely convincing dialogues. I'm from the ATL, trust me this is pretty accurate. This flick really does a fabulous job portraying what some folks struggle with overcoming stereotypes, growing up, and finding their place in their world. If you appreciate an honest review then go see this sucker - otherwise you probably didn't even read this far.

Reviewed by Newsense 10 / 10

"Where it all began"

Im not the least bit surprised that this movie has a low rating. Think about it. Have you ever seen any black movie that made the Top 250? Then why should you care what these pompous, smarmy, egotistical snobs think? If every movie was like those low-budget brainless hood flicks that come out every month then Black cinema would be a distant memory. Not every movie should be like Boyz N The Hood and Menace II Society. I love both of those films but I don't want every film to come out of Black cinema to be like those films. If you were expecting something along the lines of Get Rich Or Die Trying or 8 Mile then shame on you. This movie is surprisingly good and is a breath of fresh air in comparison to the stupid hood flick of the month that has been coming out recently.

Written by Antwoine Fisher(yes, the one the movie with Derek Luke is named after), ATL chronicles the life of four men(Rashad-T.I., Esquire-Jason Long, Teddy-Jason Weaver and Brooklyn-Albert Daniels) at the crossroads of their lives. Rashad is trying to raise his brother "Ant"(Evan Ross)and is trying to keep him out of trouble. Things get bad when he end up working for the local drug dealer(Big Boi of Outkast). Rashad has other problems. His girl "New New"(Lauren London) is loaded and is ashamed of admitting it to him especially after Esquire finds out.

T.I. does a pretty good job as well as the rest of the cast and I must say that T.I and Lauren London make a good looking couple on screen. Mykelti Williamson is good also as Uncle George. Nobody insanely overacts and there are no buck wild stereotyping abound in this movie. People actually talk to each other with respect. They crack jokes that are funny and have conversations without pulling out guns. Big Boi was better here than he was in Who's Your Caddy. Nothing seems forced in this movie and ATL has heart. We like Rashad and his crew. Hell, we even like New New even though her being ashamed of being rich is kind of bizarre. Its better than John Singleton's 2001 chittlin circuit disasterpiece(no names needed... you know which movie Im talking about). Ill watch this one any day over that monstrosity. I feel at ease when watching ATL because Im not bombarded with wacky stereotypes and people acting like rottweilers on heroin. If you think that that is what constitutes a good black movie then you need to crawl back under that rock you came from and I hope it bashes you on the head on the way down. ATL doesn't cover issues of race or politics but its not on the other side of the fence where the ignorance and the stupidity roam either. More or less it is a tale of people that are trying to deal with the situations they've been given. I'd recommend to anybody that wants a break from the Boyz N The Hood and Menace II Society knockoffs that keep popping up every month like kudzu on the highway. Two thumbs up and here's to much more.

PS: You reviewers out there shouldn't be ashamed to say you liked this movie. Stop worrying about what you friends think for once and be yourself!

Reviewed by Nate_the_Cinephile 9 / 10

really unexpectedly good

There gotta be some HATERS out there cuz this movie score is way outta wack at a 3.6. This movie was glamorized but T.I. kicking it with his crew and trying to figure out a good life was a true to life performance. The direction was beautiful and it really gave people a taste of hot-lanta. Everything combine for an accomplished finish and a smooth fun ride. I am so glad I watched it you will be too.

I wondered, as you would, how can a movie capture the ATL? The attitudes, style and environment puts you right on the streets down south. To represent the south I think this movie adds pride to it's image right now. Other then that, Chris Robinson is a killer behind the camera. The shots really hooked me into the film. If that's not enough, the cast was dead on, especially for some new comers.

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