Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Alison Haislip as Amanda
John Ross Bowie as Van Guy
Tim Daly as Jonathan
Keith Coogan as Edward
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rossmarquand 9 / 10

Charming and Unique

I came into the theatre not having any prior knowledge of what Waking was about, other than hearing it was a romantic comedy. That genre usually sends me running for the door but this one was a pleasant surprise. The writing is smart and funny, the acting & directing is honest and believable. There are the usual rom-com elements but it's all unveiled through a very unique perspective, reminiscent of some of Spike Jonze's work. Tackling issues like abandonment, the futility of finding true love, and childhood expectations, you'd think it would be somewhat depressing but I found it to be a thoroughly enjoyable film from start to finish.

Reviewed by coreyallen 8 / 10

well worth it

Beautifully shot, it's easy to get wrapped up in this story and root for the main character, despite his seemingly delusional flaws.

Some may interpret the lead acting as sub-par, but I thought most came across as natural, helping draw viewers into the experience.

Steve Moulton in the buddy role almost steals the show, he's so good as a comically supportive best friend.

You ultimately feel sorry for his somewhat betrayed fiancée and her father, but like the movie Serendipity, you'll follow Ben down the wormhole.

Not as predictable as one would expect, a surprising delight of a film that's worth the viewing, possibly even a second.

Reviewed by MRK97 10 / 10

Amazing idea for a film!

I caught this film at the Phoenix Film Festival and really, REALLY loved the idea. What you would do if you met a person in real life and then kept having dreams about them and they were having the same dream about you. The idea of carrying on this whole other life with someone while you're asleep, night after night. It's all at once intriguing, fun, scary, sad and complicated. And "Waking" does a great job of capturing all those feelings of this amazing what-if experience. The film looks beautiful and all the actors do a really wonderful job. And as a "Daly Show" fan, it was nice to see Tim and Sam Daly pop up in there. :) Definitely a recommend.

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