Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Scott Baio as Barney Springboro
Scatman Crothers as Dexter Jones
Eddie Deezen as Sheldon
Corinne Bohrer as Cindy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Edwinjhill 10 / 10

Best Baio Film Ever

I believe I'm one of the few people who are huge fans of this movie. It's not a great movie but it excels in it's 1980's cheesy-ness. Forget John Hughes and St. Elmo's Fire, if you are looking for the quintessential teen movie, it's Zapped. Scott Baio gets hit on the head and gets telekenisis powers, Willie Ames is with him as always, Scatman Crothers gets high and rides a bike through a field, girls shirts rip off. I have devoted my life to make sure as many people see this movie as possible. And the song they play at the prom, "Got To Believe In Magic" by David Pomeranz. It's beautiful, I've used it in video projects and a play I directed. It's a horrible movie but it's not in the so bad it's good category. It's a movie I can watch repeatedly and enjoy even though it is pretty bad. Stay away from the sequel you will only get scorned.

Reviewed by Gislef 6 / 10

Funny, in a weird kinda way

It's your basic 80's teen comedy. How can you identify this unique sub-genre? Look for a movie with a good brunette and an evil/bad girl blonde.

Scatman Crothers was probably embarrassed to list this on his resume, but Christopher Aames is actually kinda funny in a few spots: he does a decent Groucho impersonation near the end.

Baio and Schacter have some decent chemistry, and for some odd reason I really like the music. Other then that, it's pretty much a guilty pleasure.

Reviewed by Elysia 10 / 10

Awesome 80's Movie that leaves you feeling good!

I saw this movie when it first came out, and just recently purchased it. It is a movie from the 80's that is just about fun and you don't have to worry about confronting any issues or tackling any controversial subjects. It is just a fun romp into a fantasy that we all probably had when we were in high school, to have some sort of "special power" that made us different from everyone else. I say if you just want to forget today's world just pop in this movie and relax for 1hr 38min!

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