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Ed Harris as William Walker
Marlee Matlin as Ellen Martin
Xander Berkeley as Byron Cole
Peter Boyle as Cornelius Vanderbilt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rzajac 8 / 10

Part straight-up dramatization, part El Topo; in the end: Fun

At first I was excited: Ed Harris in a Wm. Walker biopic! A deserving more-than-a-footnote of American history, and blessings to the producers who greenlit it!

Well, I read up on it, and had a foreboding: The film would ravage its own intent, no?

Started watching... mixed feelings. Starting to warm up. Would the director pull it off?: A gonzo treatment of the subject?

In the end... I liked it. Glad I saw it. It makes a bold pronouncement on the filibustering mentality: A visionary presiding over a band of glory-seeking psychopaths, bankrolled by a money-glutted sociopath.

And, of course, the film is a fantastic showcase for the power of a gifted actor: When the film seems about to teeter over the brink, Harris's presence casts rays of dramatic power that bind the disparate bits into something like a plausibly coherent whole.

In other words, the director hoped to create art from a wild mess of scenario work by dint of sheer exuberant moxie. And I daresay he succeeds.

Dug the anachronisms: They effectively invite us to connect this filibustering mentality to our times.

Reality knocks my final score down a few notches. It _is_ a mess. While the wild, frenetic battle scenes evade an ordinary action/war- flick treatment, they do sometimes tend to hover in a kind of disconnected narrative void. Ca, c'est la charme, indeed. But it's still sometimes a bit much.

Check it out!

Reviewed by TheMarwood 4 / 10

A failure, but shouldn't have been a career killer for Alex Cox.

Walker is an odd duck of a film, damned to the pits of hell by critics and followed by unemployment for director Alex Cox, this was the end of his short Hollywood career. The bizarre true story of Walker, the self appointed president of Nicaragua, is perfect material for an absurd comedy, but it's Cox's execution that gets in the way. Fittingly, Ed Harris as Walker is the only one who seems completely committed to this material and does a great job, but the rest of the film is so self conscious that it works against him. Cox turns things up to about an 11 out of 10 and has most of the cast act like goofy buffoons, adds annoying anachronisms and force feeds the comedy to us. If Cox just took a step back and didn't direct like he's always winking at the audience and played the film straight like Harris's performance, the comedy would work from the absurdity of Walker's exploits - not this exaggerated cartoon that he filmed. The film is featherweight for most of its running time until the last act, where Walker's dark side comes out and the film gains some gravitas. An end credits newsreel footage is both eye rolling social commentary and undeserving blunt force message, completely at odds to every frame of previous footage.

Reviewed by Janusz Krysztofiak 8 / 10

An undeserved underdog

I find this movie grossly underrated. Those who expect historical accuracy will be disappointed, however. The story is universal, both serious and satirical. Especially due to the latter, the characters are somewhat exaggerated and the movie is riddled with intentional anachronisms (cars, a helicopter or color magazines in 1850s) that add up to the climate. Historical William Walker served as a baseline to depict a business-funded soldier of fortune who under banners of freedom and democracy installs an actual dictatorship to protect his principal's monopoly and eventually turns out to be a genocidal lunatic (excellent play of Ed Harris), albeit one may get an impression that some of his initial reformist intentions could have been genuine. Power corrupts. In general, it was an entertaining performance with a nice soundtrack (Joe Strummer - Brooding Six). The picture has inspired me to read about the real Walker and his Central American ventures.

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