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Richard Riehle as Father Rob
Tracey Fairaway as Nicole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kgreene-955-929538 9 / 10

A captivating film.

More films like this one would get me off the couch and back to the cinema.

Lovely acting set in a community that feels so very real (if not a wee bit romanticized.)

There is an element of subdued magic realism in the film that finally blossoms into something like faith.

All adults will gain something by watching this film.

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

truly an interesting movie

Imagine the rascal boy ,coming back to his little and severely religious hometown as a clergyman, meeting up at his drug selling,joyride living brother, the rascal number two, both having psychological issues, to what happened to rascal number three a few years ago. add on the local vicar,the church community, and all the other people of all kinds and sizes, it can be unpredictable.... i shall not summarize more, due to the threat of being stigmatized with a spoiler review.

its a funny, actually hilarious at times, but also deep and sad at moments, it has a take on different issues connected to the catholic church, but not damaging or done in a harrasing way. there are a lot of innocense in the story, and reminds me very well about my first real working day as the head nurse or matress instead of matrone. the feeling of being a proffesional without knowing anything i was supposed to know, well it was frightening indeed.

it is on average quality of filming, the soundwork couldve been better, especially on the lake where you should suppose it is dead quite, but get some industrial like noise in the background. its very disturbing for an old man to listen to due to tinnitus, so that could have been better.

the acting are very good by the 3 main male caracters, and i guess ive seen mr.riehle for the 75TH time including this movie, a small but well acted role.

though the grumpy old man does not think its a blockbuster, or what ill expect that norwegian tv-channels would buy, its still a watchable film, ok playtime and pace, but could have dove deeper into the matter i guess

Reviewed by idettman 9 / 10

Spectacular film!

This film impacted me more than any other film this year. The performances are incredible and the story heart wrenching.

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