We Can Be Heroes


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 5 10 0

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donnasokarijo 7 / 10

Literally guys, it's a kids movie!

Before you read all the salty comments on how predictable, overly easy and cheesy this movie is, keep in mind those people don't seem to realize it's like a Superhero kind of Spy Kids, meant for family and younger audiences. Judging the movie from this place, it's definitely not as bad.

Was it a master piece? No. Is it worth one star? Come on! I give it a 6,5 for what it is and I found it very enjoyable, brainless entertainment and I'm sure younger kids would like it even more.

Reviewed by nanciabutt 8 / 10

God damn u people it is a kids movie...

It is very entertaining and full of humor and fun. perfect for a fun night with kids. people who are leaving bad reviews dont know it is mean to be cartoonish and dumb just like its predecessors shark boy and lava girl.. people havent watched that movie are treating this like an action movie.. it is not a action movie.. it is meant for kids and people who are fans of original movie. Dont watch it if u are not one of them and dont leave a negative review.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

''we dont need...

Another hero'', at least not for x-mas, and allthough nice and cool effects cinematography (if that words valid to use when its so green/blue or whatever colour of background) and kids that seems to enjoy being in front of a camera its not a film to make the merry go around for the adult viewer, and may be felt like a rollercoaster for children too. it has far too much gaming like features and a terrible amount of verbal hacksawing, just like listening to my son (actually all 3 of them ) when playing against the rest of the world interactively, screaming into the headsetmike, and crushing the fightscene on the screen and i start to wanda...is he sick, sad or just dellusional?...

this flick would be a buster 20 years ago, along with spy kids etc, but as a family entertainment it works, but not well enough for a grumpy old man.just a 5 for this heroic try.

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