Red Scorpion


Action / Adventure

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Dolph Lundgren as Lt. Nikolai Rachenko
M. Emmet Walsh as Dewey Ferguson
Brion James as Sgt. Krasnov
Carmen Argenziano as Col. Zayas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vocal_warchild 8 / 10

excellent pile of junk!!!!!!!!!!!

OK now I'm not going to try and say that this film is by any means a true classic, BUT it is a type of classic.

in so much as that it has the man Dolph, mostly half nude, and it has guns, and some really nasty ones at that. so the plot is really weak, nobody is going to buy into the fact that one guy can save a nation but thats not the point, its really just a vehicle for Dolph to do his thing, which is to look tough and sound funny in a monotone kinda way.

i really like the torture scene where the guy is sticking large needles through Dolphs anatomy, actually looks pretty realistic considering its not a big budget film, and also i like the scarification that Dolphs little tribesman friend does for him while he is drugged.

the highlight of the film for me is probably the goofy relationship that is forged between Dolphs character and the little bushman, its really fun. the language barrier is well played out but the writers and actors have enabled this element to flow very well and their means of communication is really very effective at translating the messages of the relationship for the film.

so do yourself a favor and go rent the DVD as it has at long last been released, and sit back and enjoy some cornball action for all its worth.

just don't expect any special features cause their isn't any.

Reviewed by Antagonisten 10 / 10

Have you ever seen a bushman?

If there is something I connect to the 80's more than anything it's movies like this one. It came at the shivering end of the decade, when the cold war was nearly over. But it shows a technique honed through literally dozens of cold war action movies. A genre of it's own.

The Russian KGB-agent Nikolai (Dolph Lundgren) is sent to Africa to kill a native revolutionary. However he is betrayed by his own people and instead befriends the man he was to kill. Soon he exacts his vengeance on his deceitful commanders.

Dolph Lundgren is known from cold war epics like Rocky IV and Pentathlon. It seems his blonde Swedish looks are very Russian in the eyes of the American audience. Also his garbled accent might be appropriate as a substitute for real Russian. Here he shoots, explodes and slices half the Russian and Cuban armies in his quest for vengeance on the men who betrayed him. The machine of the communist party just needed one small deceit to see the error of his ways and instantly team up with natives and guerrillas to fight for their freedom.

A touching story if you don't think about it. So, you've seen Rambo II and III? You've seen Missing in action with Chuck Norris? You've seen dozens of other cold war action movies where Russians are killed in the hundreds and the hero hardly flinches when he is shot? Then you KNOW what this is about. And this might just be the best of the lot. This is simply 80's propaganda-action in it's most purified form. Entertaining to say the least. Rating is 1/10 for quality, 7/10 for entertainment and 10/10 for accents.

Reviewed by Vivekmaru45 10 / 10

One of Dolph's best and most memorable role.

I can't believe all the negative reviews and low rating given to this excellent film. This is one of Dolph's best film.

There is a scene which I will never forget: the tall Russian standing alongside the tiny bushman.

The film is about the oppression of the Communist regime against an anti-Communist black revolutionary. A Spetsnaz-a Soviet agent (Dolph Lundgren) par excellence trained in deep undercover work is assigned to infiltrate and stop a rebel African uprising.

He does this by being a sort of decoy: a drunk and undisciplined solder in a jail cell where he makes friends with one of the captured rebels and American journalist (M. Emmet Walsh). They all escape together and inadvertently Nikolai is lead to the leader of the rebels. In the middle of the night he attempts to assassinate him but is caught red-handed and imprisoned.

He is recaptured and placed under inquiry.

Nikolai unexpectedly finds himself drawn to the guerrillas cause, a betrayal that enrages his Russian superiors, who order his immediate termination. He is awaiting torture but manages to escape through the desert, but is stung by scorpions in the process.

A bushman rescues him and cures him of the poisonous stings. He also tattoos a scorpion on him, according to their tribal customs. Thus the title of the film RED SCORPION.

Nikolai recovers and the bushman starts to train him in the art of survival in the harsh desert environment. Nikolai learns fast and soon reunites with the rebels and helps them overthrow his former masters.

Very good acting, action and cinematography of the Namibian desert and bushmen. A must film for all action lovers. Highly recommended. I give a full 10/10.

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