The Deadly Spawn


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bogey Man 7 / 10

Legendary alien mayhem with great monsters!

This is one of the best alien/monster slaughtering and splattering movies I've ever seen! It is so funny and creative as the monsters are something I hadn't seen before. They are ugly, disgusting, hungry and have about 7000 teeth! They can also move, but pretty slowly. How they did those monsters with the low budget? They look so fantastic and scary as they actually have nothing but huge mouths and hundreds of sharp teeth in them.

Some alien stone comes from the space and crushes into the Earth with these nasty visitors. Soon they find a new home in a cellar of one apartment, and then the "fun" begins. There is one slow sequence in the middle of the film and it is boring to sit through, but fortunately for most of the time, there is always something going on.

The effects and overall look of the film is so 80's and low budgeted and nostalgic and it really makes to miss those golden days when these were made. Nasty slashers, stupid Conan rip offs, alien clones etc. Those were the legendary days that produced us these gems, that we can now track down and enjoy. The Deadly Spawn is recommended HIGHLY for all fans of marginal cinema and especially monster cinema, because these babies are something new! They bite in a way that no other monster has ever bitten before! They appear also in a form of slithery worms, and it only raises the puke-o-meter and fun-o-meter, but only for those who understand these rare pieces of gold. Others will only feel sick watching these!

This film earns at least 7 ultra gory stars out of ten, and these films will NEVER die, no matter how many stupid mainstream efforts or "modern horror films" are made!

Reviewed by femboi 10 / 10

My Favorite Movie, ever.

To me what they did with such a low budget is astounding.

This movie entertained me all the way through, which in the year 2014 a movie from the 80's can't do anymore.

Compare it to 10 million dollar CGI snooze-fests and this movie is GOLD.

GOLD I SAY!!! The effects are where the movie stands out.

Usually it's a kid with a bucket of fake blood but when it's there, GOD DAMN it's awesome.

My final verdict 12/10.

Best movie since Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Reviewed by siektwo 9 / 10

A real horror film!

I really love this flick. It's cheesy, full of gore, has comedy (some intentional, and some unintentional), and cool low budget monster effects.

In other words, it's fun. horror movies are supposed to be fun. they are supposed to entertain us horror fans. this movie is very entertaining.

Made with a shoestring budget, it uses it's budget quite well and at least it wasn't "shot on video" (technique using a camcorder to make films).

The gore is kickin. You get peeled off skin, decapitations, bites, limbs chewed off, and more.

It is a unique film, and a great standout scene includes the monster's "babys" (they look like mean tadpoles with teeth) attack an old folk's home. totally funny stuff seeing a retirement home go into chaos.

If i were an actual film critic, i'd score this movie 4 out of 10. I'm not a film critic though, i'm a hardcore horror fan. Therefore, i'm giving this film a 9 out of 10. It's really one of my favorites because it's just no frills fun...and a great watch with your buddies when you're bored and want to kick back some beers.

NOTE: SPECIAL EDITION DVD RELEASE on October 26th by Synapse video. First time ever on DVD!

9 out of 10 (based soley on horror merits)

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