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James Brolin as John Blane
Yul Brynner as Gunslinger
Majel Barrett as Miss Carrie
Alan Oppenheimer as Chief Supervisor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arjunkaul 10 / 10

Great Film - Very Original. Inspired many films in the future

I think a lot of later evil robot films including 'The terminator' borrowed a lot of ideas from this film. Even 'The Predator' got a lot of ideas from this. (The robot vision mode, the heat sensing)

This film is totally original. i don't see any title that came before this that had the same ideas. Michael Crichton is one of the most creative people in this business. Although i think he did re-use the Westworld amusement park concept with Jurassic Park (Carnosaur). Just replacing androids with dinosaurs. It pretty much the same concept: Man made environment that falls to chaos.

And the most bizarre part of the film is the pervasiveness it transmits. Its so pervasive. It really titillates you with its concept. The female droids and how they are used. Its crazy.

And the fact that three different cultures (The wild west, Rome, and medieval england) all spill over each other. That is really wild.

Great movie.

Reviewed by cleanheadjeff 3 / 10

But that score!

Pretty cheesy by today's standards. Maybe cheesy by 1973 standards too. While I was alive and watching movies in '73 I don't watch them anymore so it's hard to compare. That said, despite possibly the worst musical score of any movie I've ever seen something led me to watch it all the way through. Possibly that I'm simultaneously sitting at my desk cleaning out my email or maybe there's more here than I'm willing to admit. Give it a try but don't expect the dialogue to get any better, the acting any more convincing, or the music, especially the music, to get any less annoying as it progresses.

Reviewed by Darth-Helmet 8 / 10

Excellent Sci-fi thriller!

In the year 1983, a futuristic high tech and realistic amusement park resort for rich and wealthy adults called Delos which consists of three lands for guests to stay like Roman World where guests can live out the days of the roman empire, Medieval World where you can relive medieval Europe and Westworld where you can live out being in 1885 in the days of cowboys. Two fellows named Peter Martin (Richard Benjamin) and John Blain (James Brolin) are on their way to Delos on a transporter, this is Peter's first time at Delos while this is the second time for John decide to head to Westworld. They actually live out their fantasies for real with realistic androids who are programmed not to harm the costumers and the guns and weapons are only meant for killing other robots as the guns don't shoot at anything warm blooded but only somethings like robots or machines or objects. The robots are there to help serve costumers even cook for them, help live out sexual fantasies and all that sort of thing especially do bar brawls even do shoot- outs with a pesky gunslinger (Yul Branner). Soon, the technology goes haywire when the robots are infected by an early computer virus and are killing off some of the guests as only John and Peter must try to survive this even with that Gunslinger they fought many times that is after them.

Highly entertaining, edge of your seat and quite original 1973 science fiction thriller western action film written and directed by Michael Crichton the legendary book author and creator of Jurassic Park and this movie predates Jurassic Park years later. The first use of computer digitized images as part of a feature film (not merely monitor graphics) was the Gunslinger's point of view in Westworld. After the process was finally developed enough to produce satisfactory results, it took a mere eight hours to produce each ten seconds of footage for the Gunslinger's pixelated POV. Michael Crichton became inspired to write this film after a trip to Disneyland, where he saw the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and was impressed by the animatronic characters. Thus he wrote the script for the film and decided to direct the movie himself in control of the production, the set for Westworld was also used for Blazing Saddles which would be released a year later. Alan Oppenheimer co- stars in this movie as well as Dick Van Patten, Critchton re-edited the first cut of the movie because he found it long and boring it was. The deleted scenes include: the bank robbery and sales room sequences, hovercraft with passengers flying above the desert in the beginning, additional and longer dialogue scenes, more scenes with robots going crazy and killing guests (including a scene in which a guest is tied down to a rack and killed when his arms are pulled out), a longer chase scene with Gunslinger chasing Peter, and Gunslinger cleaning his face with water after Peter throws acid on him. Crichton's assembly cut also had a different ending, which included a fight between Gunslinger and Peter (deleted because it seemed staged and foolish), and an alternate death scene in which Gunslinger was killed with the same rack used to kill one of the guests.

This movie was critically received and was a hit in theaters thus it spawned a sequel, a failed TV show pilot and a successful HBO series. It influenced many filmmakers like John Carpenter whom Michael Myers's character was influenced by the gunslinger from this movie and James Cameron whom is a fan of this movie was inspired by Westworld for his Terminator character. The film does have great performances, a nice pacing to it with a couple of slow moments, some action was it was quite violent for a PG-rated film and not to mention thrills abound.

I saw this on video when i was 10 and thought it was a great Sci-fi movie as i've been a Sci-fi/fantasy nut all my life and been one of my fave Sci-fi movies. Not to mention it predates Jurassic Park with the theme park gone wrong theme by the same creator.

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