Only Mine


Drama / Thriller

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Chris Browning as Chief Stephen Dodd
Amber Midthunder as Julie Dillon
Jonna Walsh as Alicia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by knovi 1 / 10


Don't bother! The acting was awful as was the way they laid the storyline. Sad this was based on true events and they didn't give that poor girl justice by making a decent movie.

Reviewed by dep-93 1 / 10


This movie is garbage wtf. It went 0-100 real quick . Hardly showed any of their relationship or them getting to know each other. Literally, one date, kissing. Fine. Next date at the cabin, "oh I like you so much blah blah". Then out of nowhere, BOOM, he's crazy and stalking her at her house and the babysitter's. So much left out. So many questions. Waste of time. Horrible movie.

Reviewed by cuzicantstop 2 / 10

Horrible acting, horrible portrayals.

This is the type of movie that panders to the lowest common denominator of people watching NetFlix movies on a chilly Friday night.

From what I understand this movie is based on a true story. If the movie had been more interesting, I would probably look up the backstory that this was based on. Either way, it's glaringly obvious that they took extreme liberties in adding drama to it. The saddest part is that the actors and actresses do such a bad job with it that it's next to impossible to get invested in the story.

Fellas. When your girlfriends or wives decide that this is the movie that she'd like to watch, I'd advise putting all of your veto powers to use.

Afterthought: I read into the real story a little bit after writing this, and I realized just how much creative liberties they took with the story. Using the "based on a true story" tag is reaaaalllllly stretching the term. The stalker in real life was not a police officer, and was not killed by the girl as they claim in the movie. The real life man turned himself into police and took them to where he had shot "Julie". The stalker in real life sure as hell didn't shoot the police chief, either.

The real life "Julie" had to learn how to walk again after her ordeal. She definitely didn't get up and exact revenge on her stalker right away. Maaaaaaan, this movie blows so badly.

There are ways to embellish a movie based on a true story and still have it be entertaining (See Alpha Dog). This film fails at it so horribly. I would rather have Fran Drescher sing me to sleep than ever watch a film like this again.

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