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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by turkerc 8 / 10

A succesful attempt of entertaining anarchic and modernistic irony

This film is hard to categorise because one can say that it is sincere, naturalist, mocking of urban life of metropols in Brazil; while being very entertaining and relatively easy to watch. Not quite knowlegdeable what is going on at that side of the ocean, I can only find the resemblances with my own country (Turkey), which is on par with Brazil in terms of industrialization, wealth and education. What you see in the film is streets are dangerous in many ways. Thievery, trickery and violence are present and politics are involved too. But it is very fortunate that this film is not totally a cold-hearted judgment of society of Brazil. Fantastic elements are incorporated so well that the result is very amusing in some sequences but it still leaves ashes in your mouth. Characters are greatly genuine and colorful and and script makes you curious about the book it is based upon. You just wanna watch more and you stumble upon its anarchic and modernistic wisdom. You needn't dig very deep to get the best out of this movie yet it touches nicely to the matters of society in Brazil. As you watch just be curious more and more about Brazil's problems. A very impressive movie hard to fault that deserves 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10

Non-Sense, Anarchic, Crazy and Surrealistic Brazilian Cult-Movie

Macunaíma (Grande Otelo / Paulo José) is a lazy anti-hero born black in Amazonas. After the death of his mother, he moves with his two brothers to Rio de Janeiro, but along his journey, he baths in a fountain and becomes Caucasian. Once in Rio, he incidentally meets the killer guerrilla woman Ci (Dina Sfat), who wears an amulet made of stone, and they fall in love for each other. They live together and a couple of months later, Ci delivers a black baby. While carrying a bomb for a terrorist attack in the stroller, the bomb explodes and Ci and the baby die, and the amulet vanishes. A very strong man finds the stone and Macunaíma tries to recover it. In the end, he returns to the jungle.

"Macunaíma" is a non-sense, anarchic, crazy and surrealistic Brazilian cult-movie and I am not sure whether a foreigner may like it or not. The story is funny, and belongs to a very specific moment of the history of Brazil, with the "Cinema Novo" ("New Cinema") and "Tropicalismo" movements and the military dictatorship. Further, it is absolutely original and unique, without any reference to another movie or use of clichés. Just as a curiosity, the rigid censorship in 1969 did not allow to expose two breasts at the same time. It was permitted to show one, but not both of them. The viewer can note that specially when Dina Sfat is in the kitchen wearing no shirt. When she turns, her left breast is covered by an object that she is holding. Today (04 April 2008) I have watched this film again, now in a magnificently restored (unfortunately very expensive) DVD. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): 'Macunaíma'

Reviewed by NateManD 10 / 10

Macunaima is simply one of the strangest and most comical Brazilian films ever made!

Macunaima is Monty Python meets Jodorowsky and Robert Downey Sr. in a pool of piranhas. A full-grown black man, a " Brazillian hero", is birthed from a white woman in drag in the middle of the jungle. He discovers a magical water fountain that turns him white. He moves to the city, falls in love with a bomb bearing urban radical activist who wears a magic stone necklace that brings good luck. The magic necklace is stolen by a by an evil corporate cannibalistic millionaire. This causes a bomb to kill his wife and son (done in such a cartoonish way that it is all the more ridiculous). At this, Macunaima is plagued with bad luck through many of his misadventures and wants to get back the necklace from the evil corporate honcho. Part social satire, part serious political commentary set in a folklore steeped surreal Brazil. Based on the 1928 novel by Mario De Andrade that is considered on of the founding texts of Brazilian modernism; and the film itself is widely considered one of the most important films of the Brazilian Cinema Novo. But if you forget all the academics, it's a wild, weird, colorful, magical, surreal wonder-work with endless memorable moments, such as: a defecating goose, a pool of piranhas in which people swing above on a trapeze until they fall in, a water nymph and much more!! Who can forget such brilliant one liners such as "God gives nuts to those with no teeth". This film is a must see! One of the funniest films of any country! An underrated gem!

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