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John Mills as Inspector Franz Bulon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Void 8 / 10

Character-driven Giallo masterpiece!

A Black Veil for Lisa is one of the earlier films in the Giallo cycle, and has taken much of its influence from the film noir style of film-making. Directed by Massimo Dallamano, the man behind the unofficial 'Schoolgirls in Peril' trilogy, the film is often seen as trash; but personally, I couldn't disagree more. With this movie, Dallamano takes us on a roller-coaster of emotion and the director does an excellent job of setting out the characters, their situations and motives; which is a great benefit to a film that is very much character driven. The twisted plot emerges from the character's flaws, and follows the themes of jealousy, love and revenge. We follow Inspector Bulov; a man on the case of a murderer that is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He polices the streets and also his wife; the buxom and beautiful Lisa. Our leading man has a few years on his beautiful other half, and this combined with her character has lead him to relentlessly follow her every move, even to the point where it interferes with his work. And to say any more about the plot, would spoil the film!

A Black Veil for Lisa benefits from a trio of great central performances. John Mills gives it his all in the lead role, which sees him looking and acting the part of the jealous husband brilliantly. Mills also brings a distinct British style to the picture, which lends it a classy feel which is unlike other Giallo films. The title role is taken by former Bond girl Luciana Paluzzi, and while she isn't given too much time to shine acting wise; she looks the part and brilliantly offsets Mills' leading performance. Robert Hoffmann rounds off the central cast in the role of the murderer, and while he looks a bit too polished to viciously commit murder, his good looks serve him well after the first twist has been dealt out. This Giallo is unlike others in that there is no mystery surrounding the identity of the murderer; and the focus of the movie is always on the relationship between the central characters. The order of priority regarding this is shown brilliantly by the dubious way that the identity of the killer is revealed; it's not very realistic, but it does relate to the character - and this film is all about its characters. Overall, A Black Veil for Lisa is a great Giallo and one that I hope gets a decent DVD release soon so more people will be able to see it!

Reviewed by Bezenby 6 / 10

"She let me in....so to speak"

Massimo Dallamano made the great Bandidos and the also great What Have You Done To You Daughters, but here takes things a bit too laid back and therefore we end up with an okay giallo that could have used a nice kick in the arse plot wise.

It's still interesting enough, mind you. You have a detective (the almost immortal John Mills) who is investigating a series of knife murders in Hamburg (this is where the black gloved killer comes in and this isn't the last giallo set in Hamburg either). The problem is, the detective has this young, hot, young, hot, sexy, young, mysterious, hot, young, tepid, young, hot, young wife who had possible links to a criminal past but the detective's totally over that and he's only phoning her a hundred times a day to see if she needs milk, right?

So we move from the giallo that has the 'who is the gloved killer?' plot to that other kind of giallo - the kind where you have no idea what everyone is up to until the last ten minutes. Most of the time those turn out to be the more entertaining giallo but we have just a bit too much in the old dialogue stakes here and less on the actual action.

Still, Dallamano's skills as a cinematographer shine through nice and bright, but for some reason the sleaze that sticks to his other films is missing here. It's still worth tracking down but isn't any lost classic or anything.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 8 / 10

An intricately-plotted giallo

The director famous for his controversial giallo classic WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE?, Massimo Dallamano, also directed this earlier contribution to the giallo genre which focuses more on police procedure and investigation over the usual murder-mystery antics that the genre offers, although sex and violence are still main ingredients. This Italian thriller, however, is gripping stuff, especially due to an unforeseen and genuinely impressive twist which comes about halfway through.

A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA benefits hugely from the setting of '60s Hamburg, the decade reflected by a hummable and stylish soundtrack. The script is intelligent and the characters are particularly well-developed, especially John Mills' increasingly desperate Inspector Bulov whose life becomes more and more complicated throughout. Dallamano directs with the typical Italian flourish of having stylish camera angles and good, colourful photography which makes the film visually appealing. The plot twists and turns as layers of the story are constantly peeled off only to deepen the mystery and make the film more complex to watch (it's never confusing, either, often a flaw of these clever-clever mystery thrillers).

John Mills is a familiar actor with considerably more fame than most gialli stars, and his appearance is definitely a departure from his more typically Hollywood roles. However, he copes admirably with the complex part and succeeds in creating a likable, believable character whom one can identify with despite all his flaws and mistakes. Robert Hoffmann is also very good as charismatic killer Max, and it's a mark of an actor's talent that he fits the role like a glove. The only out of place character is Lisa, played by Luciana Paluzzi, who doesn't really seem like a woman men would go out of their way to be with, although this is probably a flaw of the character rather than the actress. The supporting cast are uniformly good in their parts. A BLACK VEIL FOR LISA lacks the graphic violence of '70s Italian productions which may be off-putting for some gore fans. However, the combination of strong acting and an excellent plot make this movie really worthwhile after all.

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