Blood Bound


Horror / Thriller

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Eric Nelsen as Sean
Gerald McCullouch as Sheriff Martin Sparks
Rosa Arredondo as Sarita
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dark_Lord_Mark 6 / 10

Not My Cup of Tea, But Not Bad

I will say the movie is not a bad one. It's a horror mixed with...well I think this is a dark version of Twilight.

It was not a good movie, but the acting was nice. As someone said, the chick needed to be hotter. You don't really feel for a decent chick, as you would a hot chick.

The movie is about a cursed family that needs to kill people and a member of his family every quarter century or so.

Three thieves break in and get a rude awakening. The movie needed more sex appeal really, but no a BAD movie, just a bit too much Twilight influence and a lot of the same pacing.

Not a bad movie, not very fun, but decent effort...just not my thing.

Pretty adult themes, I will give it a 6 easily.....some talent is int the movie....

Reviewed by jonesadam-25566 10 / 10

Slow Brooding Horror!

Wow, what a great flick! The movie is visually spot on and the cinematogrophy does a great job of marrying beautiful imagery with darkness and despair. Ultimately a story of karmic debt and bad choices made all around, but painted with a deft hand at storytelling. While measured in pace, the slow build leads to a big payoff, so it was worth it! The cast did a great job also!! Oh yeah, I really loved the score. Simple and Haunting!

If you are looking for a Rob Zombie gore fest then this is not the movie for you. But if you are looking for a creepy and (Bloody) tale of witches and demons told through the viewpoint of Generation Z then this is your film.

For lovers of "It follows", "Rosemary's baby", and "The Witch".

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

Never had sex outside of the family

A trio of townies in upstate, N.Y. break-in to homes. Sean (Eric Nelsen). Brian (Justiin A. Davis ) and Kerry ( Eden Brolin) are also recreational heroin users. A new couple moves into town. They have a chest full of money, unlocked and easily noticed by the movers with a c-note popping out of it. They also let it be known in town, the wife will be left alone on Thursday. Clearly a setup, one where I expected they were mafia looking for revenge.

At 18 minutes (mini Plot Spoiler) we discover they are witches with specific plans to satisfy their ruling demon.

I liked the fact I didn't know where the plot was going. I didn't like the socially awkward character of David (Ross Wellinger ) who reminded me of a sci-fi android that needs someone to bring out their feelings. I also didn't like his punk Bieber-Timberlake "beard". The film had some good scenes, but the plot seemed to move slow. The dialogue was very dry and at times "Twilight" bad. Didn't see the ending coming and where the heck did the baby come from? I think they missed a scene.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Eden Brolin)

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