Storm Boy


Adventure / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 6.9 10 1150


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Jai Courtney as Hideaway Tom
Geoffrey Rush as Mike 'Storm Boy' Kingley
David Gulpilil as Father of Fingerbone Bill
Morgana Davies as Madeline
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ian-39125 7 / 10


Perhaps it's because I can't remember the original but I found this film to be very well crafted and moving. I don't understand the criticism I've read from the various professional critics. I say see it. If you don't feel the urge to tear up you're made of stone and probably not a movie lover. I liked the way it was framed and the wistfulness Geoffrey Rush brought to his role. It's a credit to all involved.

Reviewed by cath_kidd 8 / 10

A film for everyone

A visually stunning Australian film that has worldwide appeal for people of ALL ages. The themes about family, friendship, love, loss and loneliness are universal and rounded out with a message of hope for a better future. This is a throughly enjoyable and emotional "retelling" of Colin Thiele's book of the same name which has been in print for over 55 years. This is not a remake - this is a retelling and should not be compared to the 1976 version. This film stands on its on merit, it is beautifully shot and superbly acted. It's a remarkable film that will stay with you forever.

Reviewed by shirley-tebbey 9 / 10

A beautiful film

I really loved this remake of the Colin Thiele classic. The film is moody, atmospheric and absolutely lovely to look at. The indigenous content is sympathetic and well done. Geoffrey Rush has never been better in my opinion and the young boy and the pelicans are nothing short of wonderful to watch. South Australia's Coorong looks just beautiful. I'm no critic, but I loved this film.

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