Beyond the Limit


Drama / Romance / Thriller

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Michael Caine as Consul Charley Fortnum
Richard Gere as Dr. Eduardo Plarr
Bob Hoskins as Colonel Perez
A Martinez as Aquino
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul2001sw-1 7 / 10

The competent adaptation

Competent adaptation of a typical Graham Greene story, a tale of dilemma, forgiveness and redemption in a quasi-fascist South America. Direction and acting are both ordinary, though Michael Caine and Richard Gere are at least well cast; Bob Hoskins (an Argentinian policeman!) less so. Always interesting, but strangely subdued: Greene packs a greater moral punch on the page.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Intrigue , politics and a loving triangle intermingle in this rendition based on a known novel

Emotive political, drama, thriller set in the border between Argentina, Paraguay dealing with a twisted love story and an intrigue behind. It is set during the rule of cruel right wing military dictatorships commanded by Alfredo Stroessner in Paraguay and General Videla in Argentina. It concerns a doctor called Eduardo : Richard Gere , he is a half-English and half-Paraguay man who becomes involved with the revolutionary guerrilla : A. Martinez , and a former priest played by Joaquin de Almeida. He returns to work in the little town of Corrientes . Eduardo quickly starts forming new acquaintance such as the English honorary consul : Michael Caine , he is a drunk man married to a beautiful Argentinian wife , an ex-whore : Elpidia Carrillo. Then Eduardo seduces her and both of whom fall in love .Things go wrong when Eduardo is asked for help the rebels to kidnap the US Ambassador to force the Paraguayan Junta release political inmates , including Eduardo's father.

Entertaning but cold and slow film with a central theme, a triangular romance and political details about South American dictatorships in which a doctor eventually must confront moral conflicts and the complex relationship with an alcoholic consul , at the same time the dirty war , tortures, kidnap, political upheaval and riots take place . Passable acting by Richard Gere as an England/Paraguay doctor who has a passionate as well as risked affaire and excellent Michael Caine as the cynical older diplomat who befriends to him while disagree over politics and about an attractive young latina girl, the newcomer Elpidia Carrillo . But the film relies heavily on the relation between the protagonist and his lover that reaches some strong problems connected with the alcoholic honorary consul .This is the second and worst rendition based on the prestigious novel by Graham Greene , first and the best was The Quiet Man 1958 by Joseph L Mankiewicz with Michael Redgrave , Audie Murphy, Giorgia Moll , Claude Dauphin , Bruce Cabot and third retelling was The Quiet Man 2002 by Phillip Noyce with Brendan Fraser , Thi Hai , Tzi Ma, Rade Serbedzija and Michael Caine himself. And this second version by John McKenzie written by Christopher Hampton who also wrote the 2002 remake , it boasts a nice cast with special mention for Bo Hoskins as a brutal Colonel who pursues and tortures rebels . It displays an atmospheric cinematography by Phil Meheux , though a perfectly remastering being absolutely necessary. And an evocative musical score by Stanley Myers , including South American sounds .

The motion picture was regular but profesionally directed by John Mckenzie , being nominated for two Bafta Film Awards . John was an expert on thriller and drama such as Blue heat, Ruby , The infiltrator , The innocent , A hinge of freedom, Act of vengeance , Quicksand , Made , Voyage , When sky falls , Aldrich Ames traitor within . His greatest hits were Long god friday and Fourth protocol . Rating : 6 . Average but passable and acceptable. The picture will appeal to Richard Gere and Michael Caine fans


Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Amoral and Cold

In Argentina, Dr. Eduardo Plarr (Richard Gere) is a medical doctor with a Paraguayan deceased mother and an English revolutionary father that is imprisoned in Paraguay. He unsuccessfully tries to get news about his father with his acquaintance Colonel Perez (Bob Hoskins). One night, he is summoned to attend the alcoholic British Honorary Consul Charley Fortnum (Michael Caine) in a brothel where he sees a beautiful young prostitute but she goes with another man. When he returns to the Whitehouse, he learns that the prostitute Clara (Elpidia Carrillo) left the place. One day, Charley calls him to examine his wife, and when Eduard turns the light of the room on, he sees that Charley married Clara. Soon he meets her in a store and buys an expensive sunglass to her. Clara goes with him to his apartment and they begin a love affair. When Clara becomes pregnant, Charley believes that the baby is his. Meanwhile Eduardo's childhood friend Leon (Joaquim De Almeida) visits him in his office and tells that his father is alive in Paraguay. Further, he tells that he plans to abduct the American ambassador and exchange him per political prisoners in Paraguay including his father. However he needs inside information about the visit of the ambassador. What will Eduardo do?

"The Honorary Consul" is a dramatic thriller with romance that does not work well. Eduardo is an unethical doctor and amoral man. His relationship with Clara is cold and he betrays Charley with a great cynicism. The film does not work well and the conclusion is predictable. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "O Cônsul Honorário" ("The Honorary Consul")

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