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Burt Reynolds as Stick
George Segal as Barry
Charles Durning as Chucky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobbyf 8 / 10

Great thriller with a classic Bad Guy

Step aside Darth Vader. Meet the new best movie villain ever, Moke. Villain Moke is right up there with Vader, the Kurgin, and other great movie villains. For Dar Robinson's performance as Moke, alone, this movie is a must-see. Burt plays Stick, a fresh-out-of-prison con trying to make over his life. He gets unwillingly sucked back into the underworld and has to fight to survive. Dar Robinson, stuntman extraordinaire, puts in a fantastic performance as Moke- an albino hit-man who has it in for Stick. There are some amazing scenes in this movie, and I think it may be one of Burt's best performances- if not the best.

Reviewed by a_genda 5 / 10

80's flick, that entertains.

The Good Stuff:

Candice Bergen looks gorgeous. Small role by David Reynoso. The late Dar Robinson as the "Albino Hitman". The Albino Hitman falling to his death while emptying his six shooter looks real cool.

The Bad Stuff:

Charles Durning in a blond wig is really hard to take (those crazy looking eyebrows!).

The Verdict:

Typical 80's flick with lots of flashy cars, drug dealers, one colorful hitman, directed by Mr. Reynolds, that even if looking dated manages to entertain.

Reviewed by bannonanthony 7 / 10

Not a bad film at all!

This is the first film of Burt Reynolds' I have seen that he directed as well as starred in. Yes, some elements of the story are clunky but overall STICK is very enjoyable. Reynolds gives an excellent performance as always. Charles Durning is quite good as Chucky but is let down by the very obvious wig he is wearing for the part (at least I HOPE it's a wig). George Segal and Candice Bergen are both good as well, but it's strange how Reynolds and Bergen immediately get into a romance.

Stuntman Dar Robinson also makes a memorable villain as albino hit-man Moke. Since he was a stuntman I guess that means he did all his own stunts for the movie, which makes it even more cool. Very few stuntmen are good actors but Robinson plays the part well. The only problem is we don't see enough of him. The BIG bad guy, Nester, is played brilliantly too, but the actor's name escapes me right now. There's also a lovely song played over the end credits. I'm interested in reading the Elmore Leonard book this film was based on. I'm sure it and the film may be very different, but I still give the movie STICK a thumbs-up. I think it should get a DVD release.

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