The Butterfly Tree


Comedy / Drama / Family

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Melissa George as Evelyn
Sophie Lowe as Shelley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aravind787 10 / 10

Artistic movie.

Not sure why some people rated low. This is beautiful movie i have ever seen

Reviewed by Raven-1969 7 / 10

A Beautiful and Colorful Apparition

Al and Fin, father and teen son, are reeling from the loss of a beloved wife and mother. Each is dealing with the loss in a different way, yet in no way that is particularly constructive. Al is having an affair with a student and Fin is sulking in a cocoon of solitude. Neither is communicating. This is when Evelyn flits into town. She is a beautiful and colorful apparition wreathed in flowers, butterflies, exquisite jewelry and bubble bath. Al and Fin are so blinded by passion, be it grief or love, that they risk losing each other as well as the woman they seek.

The film is personal for the director who felt extreme grief and loneliness when a close friend died. While the actors lack assurance and chemistry between each other, the story is compelling and it flows together well. Queensland, Australia, is the perfect dream- scape setting for the film. Seen at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Reviewed by waitandhope 9 / 10

Don't think just experience it

I saw this with no idea what it was about, just that it has cool colors and butterflies in it. This movie will confuse, bewilder, and entice you to imagine things you never could expect. It's not linear in the way you'd think, it's all over the place but shows us that everyone has their own life and it's never just about you. The brilliance of this movie is it's unique acceptance of all the crazy things people do or think, their stupidity and their charm. Worth watching once, don't think just experience it.

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