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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 6 / 10

Jump like Batman.

A film producer in the corrupt Indonesian city of Batavia wants to make a film about Valentine, an avenger. While in a coffee shop he notices a waitress kick butt and hires her for the job. She is well versed in martial arts (Silat). At the same time, a masked man "The Shadow" has taken over the city at first as a vigilante and later as a criminal. Since the filmmaker doesn't have a backer, he decides to film the avenger fight real crime in hopes of getting a financial backer. Our waitress fights common criminals, eventually getting a purple costume and building perch reminiscent of The Phantom. She has no superpowers and is unconvincingly overpowering multiple skilled fighters.

It appears some of the production is in English and at other times dubbed. Sets up for a series. I liked the bad girl eye make-up. Again we have women that can take more punches to the face than Joe Lewis. Oh yeah, there's a twist.

Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.

Reviewed by alfredtimothy 8 / 10

Budget movie entertainment

On a budget but still entertaining with good effort by the whole cast

Reviewed by geeklegionofdoom 5 / 10

Good ideas , generic execution

In the days where modern superhero movies dominate the box office. The trailer for this movie teases a self referential masked vigilante flick. A struggling film maker wants to get financing for a superhero movie , so finds a woman who can really do martial arts to get her to go fight crime for real and film it to drum up interest via viral videos to secure financing for a film, and in the meantime they end up taking on more serious criminals . That concept is fantastic, coupled with a very likable lead actress and some inventive fight scenes. Sounds like a winner. It could have been , however that initial concept is introduced but soon forgotten for more altruistic and generic hero motivations . After that it just goes into standard low budget superhero action flick with an air for camp . Think Kick Ass turning into Black Scorpion or Batman Forever. The bad guy is just silly, and is super obvious who he really is ( Hmm what character has been introduced and done nothing with ??) The climax confusingly removes Valentine from the equation , and actually means the character has had little impact on the conclusion of the plot . The bad guys motivations are contrived, and when it's revealed i couldn't help but think what were the Shadow's henchwomen getting out of all of this ? Whilst the stunt work is good, the editing and camera work that films it are not leading to choppy action sequences . The acting with the exception of our lead actress & one police officer is ott and campy . There still is stuff to enjoy with this, it is fun, fast paced lots of action. It just could have been more, but didn't take any risks . It teased being self referential , clever and commenting on the superhero genre, but never pulled the trigger on those ideas , favoring tried and tested genre tropes

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