Winter's Bone


Action / Drama / Mystery

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 94%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
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Garret Dillahunt as Sheriff Baskin
John Hawkes as Teardrop
Sheryl Lee as April
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WubsTheFadger 4 / 10

Winter's Bone

Short and Sweet Review by WubsTheFadger

The acting all around is quite good. The exception is that of Jennifer Lawrence's character. I have never seen Jennifer as a good actress, she has a very boring, mellow, and dry acting style that gets old after a while. Some of her lines sounded like she was reading off of a page. Her character has no depth and she did not have any redeeming factors or qualities at all.

The story is deathly slow. Most of the movie is very boring. The premise is good but the execution is bad. The story is not bad but it could have been handled a little bit better.

The Ozark scenery is the only redeeming factor in this film. The cinematography is beautiful at times.

Pros: Great cinematography, some good acting, interesting story

Cons: Jennifer Lawrence's performance, a large amount of boring moments during the film, bad pacing, poor execution in regard to the story

Overall: 4/10

Reviewed by areatw 7 / 10

A bleak but enjoyable character-driven drama

'Winter's Bone' is a subtle and slow moving drama featuring an excellent lead performance from an up and coming Jennifer Lawrence. The film is gritty, raw and appropriately stripped back. It focuses on conveying the story in the most simplistic way possible, featuring minimal music and short dialogue exchanges throughout.

The film is set in a bleak rural environment, giving it a depressing and cold feel. In contrast, the story is uplifting and the characters and their relationship with one another enjoyable. This film has spirit and is successfully absorbing without the need to be brash or flashy. 'Winter's Bone' is a good film, recommended for those who enjoy more simple, stripped back and character-driven dramas.

Reviewed by crberme 3 / 10

A masterpiece in terms of acting, dull in terms of the plot

Winter's Bone is about a girl, Ree, who has to take care to her brother, her sister and her mother, that has to face the most challenging time of her life when shes told that they're gonna loose their house. Sounds good, isn't it? Well, let me tell you in advance: It isn't that good.

If there's something clear about this film, it's that this is probably the best Jennifer Lawrence performance to date. The way she makes the viewer believe in how Ree feels, to see the realness in it, is astounding. Really, if you still doubt about her acting skills this is a way to prove you wrong.

And that's all the good about this movie, because the plot is just bad. Is frustrating how plain is in the first two thirds of the film, how it starts getting more intense in the third... and how anticlimactic is in the end. It literally left me asking "wait, is this done? This is the end?". It's a shame, but I can't find any good in this movie's plot. Such a wasted opportunity.

If you are looking through Jennifer Lawrence filmography and have some spare time, maybe watch it. If else, it's just not worth it.

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