For Richer or Poorer



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Tim Allen as Brad Sexton
Michael Angarano as Sammy Yoder
Kirstie Alley as Caroline Sexton
Carrie Preston as Rebecca Yoder
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by buddha13 10 / 10

Excellent movie, especially to a Pennsylvanian

I saw this movie originally in NYC (Times Square) after I couldn't get seats to the Broadway show I wanted to see. After watching this movie, I was glad I missed the play. I laughed so hard, I was afraid I was going to be asked to leave the theater. I am a resident of Pennsylvania and have spent lots of time in Amish country. Their life style makes me hunger for the simple life, the peace and tranquility of sensible living. I have watched this movie about 25 times and I still look forward to seeing it again. Some thought should be given to a sequel perhaps. In these times of turmoil and discontent, maybe this blue-print for the simpler life should be considered. Incidentally, I know that Maryland locations were used as Pennsylvania stand-ins, but that okay. The scenery was almost as beautiful as ours.

Reviewed by corek 6 / 10

Gentle amusing comedy

This is a gentle and amusing comedy. It is the story of a (very) rich couple on the point of divorce forced to flee from the IRS. They end up in Amish country and ‘pretend' to be from another Amish community. The main comedy is from how they try to adapt to the new life, whilst keeping up the pretence of being Amish, and is quite remarkable in portraying the Amish way of life sympathetically. Even the Amish accent is a little more accurate than is normal in a comedy (having lived there myself). It is understandable why it was not a great hit in the Cinema, as it has no big blockbuster special effects, but for the TV it is just what is required when a good laugh is required – and the language is suitable for all (except for possibly an Amish viewer).

Reviewed by hellokitty_girl 8 / 10

Amish reminder of all we needed to know we learned as a child

granted this is not high brow sophisticated comedy, but it was actually a really fun movie! Kirstie Alley was not her usual annoying self, and it was enjoyable to watch her character change due to the Amish influence. Tim Allen was more relaxed and less of a ham, so his character was fun to watch. the Newman mailman guy from the Seinfeld show always cracks me up. the Amish child was cute too.

the Amish were not disrespected, and this movie made me want to learn more about the Amish. just a quick and simple Google search for Amish brought up several good sites. perhaps this is the real success of this movie - that viewers hear the message of simplicity and virtue in living one's life, then take the next step to learn more about the Amish culture and beliefs, and finally take to heart these life lessons we learned as a child.

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