Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 80%
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Harrison Ford as John Book
Viggo Mortensen as Moses Hochleitner
Kelly McGillis as Rachel
Lukas Haas as Samuel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maryalamm 10 / 10

Never gets old

I watched "Witness" again on TV this evening and enjoyed it as much if not more than ever. Have seen it many times and never tire of it. I think it's Harrison Ford's best acting. Why it didn't win more awards is puzzling to me. The cinematography is just outstanding and the music also. I can't pick a favorite scene...there are so many that are just perfect...perfectly acted, perfectly written, perfectly directed...Samuel bent over looking at the picture in the glass case at the police station and making eye contact with Book and then pointing to the picture...Rachel nursing Book by lamplight...the dance scene in the barn...Rachel running to John and their passionate hunger for each other...the car coming up the hill and the 3 men walking down the hill to the farm... The person or persons in charge of casting this film deserve much credit. One of my favorite movies...actually maybe my favorite.

Reviewed by ypandalove 7 / 10

Multiple theme

Rachel who has lost his husband and his son, Samuel plan to go to village where their relative live. However, Samuel observes murder at the station on the way. John Book who is the detective in charge of the murder case brings the mother and the child to a police station. Samuel sees a newspaper clipping there and he notices that one of the murderers is o detective in the police station. John Book is informed on it and he faces up to make a stand against their army to solve the case. I think that this film involves not only suspense but also the theme of romance, because John Book and Rachel are in love each other. Most film has double theme like suspense and romance in John Book. So I believe that we should watch movie from multiple angles to find the deep theme in that film.

Reviewed by okk07 7 / 10

Suspense and Love

I think whether Amish is described in various view. A point that I was interested in especially, is the view from young Americans. They come in contact with Amish through prejudice. This is because, I think, in fact young Americans tend to come in contact with Amish through prejudice and they tend to think new things or thought are good while old things or thought are not good. I think whether this scene express the real situation and view to Amish. I felt that silent performances is wonderful at last. Although there are no words between John Book and Rachel, their silent performance tells us their love and sadness. Also, because there are no words, I think that we can concern a situation and sympathize with them deeply. At last, I think that this film is excited and wonderful film that has two plots, suspense and love story. I enjoyed this film very much.

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