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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ManWithGoodTaste 10 / 10

Surprisingly good

I like Ralph's work. But was kind of unsure about Wizards. Many reviews said the story makes no sense and the film is amateurish. Okay, after watching the thing... let's make things clear:

1. The story DOES make sense. You just have to watch the film several times, very carefully.

2. The animation is quite good. For you all who likes perfection (are you sure you even know the meaning of the word?), in "making of" Ralph himself states he does not care about cleanliness, as long as a movie has soul.

3. About elves with Brooklyn accents. Have you ever seen an elf??? Do you know how they speak? Or do you think they come from Wales exclusively?

4. I said everything above. ^

Reviewed by Snow Dog-2 10 / 10


Ah, Wizards. Now this is a movie that newsgroups love to pick apart. But look past it's cheapness and it's technical flaws, and you'll find an underrated gem of animation. Although oddly structured (our protagonists don't set off on their quest until about half an hour into the movie) and weighed down with exposition, Wizards tells a good story, the art is excellent, and it has one of the coolest animated battles I've ever

seen... think Ralph Bakshi does Braveheart.

Reviewed by standardbearer 9 / 10

Life on the streets, life in a fantasy world

I always was a big fan for Bakshi's works, i think there's no other cartoon director, who captured the smut of the streets this well. Most Bakshi movies are politically incorrect, dirty, violent, and sexual. But he does this in the most respectable way, he uses an observant, nearly scientific method, which makes him something like a visionary.

So you might understand now, why was i so confused when i sat down to watch this piece of fantasy fairytale... but when I stood up afterward, I was totally satisfied. No doubt, Bakshi's a real talent in every possible way.

Take a closer look. This feature takes place in a post apocalyptic world, thousands of years after the nuclear explosion, which erased most of mankind. The rest are turning into mutants, or, whom, who are more fortunate, and living at non-toxic areas, turning into fairies. The queen of fairies then once gives birth to magical twins. They were magical, no doubt, for one of them was a good, and Disney-like fairy, but the other was an evil mutant something.

No need to tell, they hate each-other. The evil one (Blackwolf) is banished from fairy-land, and decides to live with the mutants, build an army of them, and destroy everything that is good in this world. His only chance to win this war, is to use 'Technology' which is forbidden to use since the great explosion... But we all know, that in love or war, nothing is forbidden.

The good twin (Avatar), the princess of fairy-land, and a once evil, but now good android, makes the team that needs to stop Blackwolf, and save this world from evil.

Okay, this sounds really cheap:) And if i tell you even looks cheap in many scenes... you may wonder, why it deserves at least nine stars from me.

But it's still a Bakshi cartoon, so half of the characters got shot to death on the scene, and almost every female figurines have their breast out. The story even gets Nazis involved, which makes some scenes more than disturbing...

So its still a true Bakshi feature film, only the violence and sex is abit toned down. Still, its definitely NOT a children's film. And thats what makes this one so special. It took me back right to my childhood memories, with some nice additions, which are only understandable with a more mature mind. Definitely a CULT movie, once a big success to the studio, now an underground gem, best to watch it with friends. ... one more thing: the name 'Fritz' will burn into you your mind forever. Poor guy:)

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