Woman on the Run


Action / Crime / Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 2318


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Joan Shawlee as Blonde
John Qualen as Maibus
Ross Elliott as Frank Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 8 / 10

Great Film-Noir

In San Francisco, Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott) witnesses a murder while walking with his dog. Inspector Ferris (Robert Keith) is in charge of the investigation and offers protection to Johnson to identify the killer and testify in court. Johnson flees from the police and Ferris brings his wife Eleanor Johnson (Ann Sheridan) to help him to find Johnson and convince him to testify in court. However, he finds that they have an unhappy marriage and Eleanor does not want to help him. Meanwhile the journalist Dan "Danny Boy" Legget (Dennis O'Keefe) offers a large amount for an exclusive interview with Johnson for his tabloid. While seeking Johnson out with Legget, Eleanor rekindles her love for her husband. What she does not know is that Danny Boy is the killer Johnson is trying to escape.

"Woman on the Run" is a great film-noir where the wife is not evil or the femme fatale. The title is strange since it should be "Man on the Run". Although having a predictable plot point with the identity of the killer being disclosed, the film is highly attractive. It is great to see Eleanor Johnson falling in love again for her husband with magnificent performance of Ann Sheridan. The roller-coaster scene is tense when Eleanor realizes who Legget is. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Na Noite do Crime" ("In the Night of the Crime")

Reviewed by Benedito Dias Rodrigues 8 / 10

Running with enemy without notice!!

Fabulous forgotten Noir produced by Ann Sheridan who quit from Warner after released that didn't has no future there,this independent movie is marvelous and is about marriage relationship,in the curse of the movie is clearly placed the damages between the couple,the plot is clever to explore this matter...the movie like another noir is pretty interesting but the subliminal messages is quite fantastic....Ann Sheridan in this time was no longer a young pretty lady...but still a good actress as show in the picture with acid words when she was questioned by Inspector Ferris,another pleasant acting is Dennis o' Keefe as Dan Legget a newspaper reporter who is actually the Killer!!!More... the movie gave to us a nice view of many San Francisco's spots in those time...A real Gem to be discover for those love cinema!!!


First watch: 2017 / Hoe many: 1 / Source: DVD / Rating: 8.5

Reviewed by zardoz-13 7 / 10

Ann Sheridan Is On The Run!!!

A guy is out walking his dog one evening when he witnesses a homicide in "Journey into Fear" director Norman Foster's atmospheric, above-average, crime thriller "Woman on the Run," starring Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, and Robert Keith. Ostensibly, Foster and "A Star Is Born" scenarist Alan Campbell have adapted Shirley Tate's 1948 short story published in a contemporary magazine. Instead of sticking with Tate's title "Man on the Run," the filmmakers changed it to "Woman on the Run." Predictably, Sheridan spends most of the film's 77 minutes on the run herself as Eleanor Johnson who is pursuing her husband around San Francisco with an inquisitive newspaper reporter (Dennis O'Keefe of "Raw Deal") in tow. Journalist Dan Legget assures Eleanor that he is only looking for a scoop. Meantime, we don't see much of Eleanor's husband Frank (Ross Elliot of "Kelly's Heroes") who does a good job of making himself elusive. Meantime, Inspector Ferris (Robert Keith of "The Line-Up") and his colleagues maintain surveillance on Eleanor who is reluctant to share information with them about her husband. Suffice to say that everything turns out for the good by fade-out, but "Woman on the Run" boasts a supreme sized surprise that discriminating spectators will figure out before the characters in the story notice it. Indeed, I am reluctant to expose this surprise because it makes the movie worth-watching. Nevertheless, Foster and "Captain Blood" lenser Hal Mohr take us on a tour of the City by the Bay that only San Francisco residents may truly appreciate. "One Touch of Venus" editor Otto Ludwig deserves kudos--as does Mohr--for careening depiction of a roller-coaster ride that Eleanor embarks on at an amusement park in the climactic scene that brings all the principals together and ties things up rather neatly. Sheridan is perfectly cast as the faithful wife. Dennis O'Keefe shows a different side of himself as he accompanies Sheridan on their quest to find her spouse. "Woman on the Run" qualifies as a concise, well-made, crime thriller.

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