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IMDb Rating 6.3 10 1340

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Jayne Eastwood as Ruthie
Naomi Snieckus as Maria
Talia Russo as Qualifying judge #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keithleyland 2 / 10

Truly Awful

This film has been done many times before and always much better! The acting was terrible, the music was terrible and the dancing truly awful Do yourself a favour and give it a hard pass...

Reviewed by bernarocks 3 / 10

This movie has been made a THOUSANDS TIMES!

Oh oh I have an idea for a really good movie! Let's get a pretty Caucasian average danceractress and give her the LEAD in this college/dancecontest/ find truelove movie AND then to be politically correct let's find some other dancerkids with different ethnicities to do the smaller parts and they all learn how to dance together and then they win the contest in the end. Has it been done a thousand times before? Yes! Now let's do it again.

Reviewed by elyjahjackson 5 / 10

You've seen it all before. A typical, Netflix, Teenage-Comedy/Drama with no substance.

Honestly, the only saving grace this film has is Sabrina Carpenter's performance. Outside of that, everything else falls flat. The comedy. The associaed performances from other actor(s)/actresses. The story. The structure of the narrative is sloppy, rushed and an absolute mess towards the 3rd act. And oh my goodness, the generic-ness of it all. We've seen this before.

"Attractive female lead who doesn't fit in." "Assemble some sort of group to go against a rival group" "Group has their own quirks and don't quite mesh well." "Montage shows them improving and getting the routine down." "Main character falls for attractive male lead." "Uh-oh, something breaks them up as well as the team." "Montage of lead character being down , focusing on other things." "Lead meets back up with someone from the team, they joke, try to bring the others back together." "They try to dance again, it's almost too late, but they manage to make it to the finals of some big competition." "Big final number in 3rd act." "Team wins or don't wins, lead has some big speech." "Ending act of them going their separate ways."

This is honestly the most generic movie I've seen on Netflix, and it just seems like no one cared when making this film. Also, the editing and sound design was awful. Good for a mid-afternoon watch, can't watch it again. Sabrina Carpenter deserves better.

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