WWE: Rey Mysterio - The Biggest Little Man



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bh_tafe3 10 / 10

Fascinating look at an entertaining career

The hot debate, believe it or not, amongst IWC members, is what's better in a Superstar biography DVD. A whole documentary style disc with some matches on bonus discs, or a career retrospective, focusing manly on matches and introductions. I'm a huge fan of the latter and so was immensely pleased with this release.

There are nearly 30 matches included, and Rey stays in character while describing the feuds and matches which made his career. The quality of matches drops noticeably after Disc Two, but the matches remain fast paced and entertaining.

The collection starts off with Mysterio in the Battle For Respect cross promotional match, way back from when he was a lucha libre wrestler in 1994. Next up he's in ECW wrestling good matches with later WCW rivals Psicosis and Juventud Geurrera.

Then Rey's in WCW where he had a great rivalry with Dean Malenko, three of their matches are included on Disc One, along with two blinding matches with The Ultimate Dragon, and matches with Super Calo and Juhsin Thunder Liger, one of the finest cruiserweight wrestlers of all time.

Disc Two starts off with arguably the best match to happen in WCW, Mysterio's match with Eddie Geurrera from Halloween Havoc 1997, and then another match with Guerrera from World War 3 1997. The disc then covers Rey's matches with Juventud Geurrera, Chris Jericho, Psicosis and Blitzkreig before taking Rey to the WWE.

The disc includes two quality matches between Rey and Chavo Geurrera, a superb match between Rey and Kurt Angle from Summerslam 2002, a blinder with Matt Hardy from 2003, and another super match against Tajiri from January 2004.

Disc Three takes Rey's career from when he left the cruiserweight ranks, starting with him teaming with Eddie Geurrere to win the tag team titles off the Bashams at No Way Out 2005. This is a well done comedy match which led into the Eddie / Rey rivalry. Two excellent matches from that rivalry are included, the blinder from Judgment Day 2005 and one from SmackDown in June.

The Disc then gets Rey's thoughts on the passing of Eddie in November 2005, before showing one of his best matches, taking on Shawn Micheals on the Eddie Geurrera Tribute edition of RAW.

Next is Rey's winning the World Heavyweight Champiobnship from Kurt Angle and Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 22. This is an awesome, criminally short match.

Next up is the under rated classic World Championship (they dropped the "Heavyweight" during Rey's reign) match between Rey and JBL from Judgment Day 2006. This is a great example of a big man/ little man match and delivers some tremendous action.

The DVD ends with the rivalry with Chavo Geurrera, including Rey's victory in a Falls Count Anywhere match at No Mercy 2006, before strangely ending with REy losing an "I Quit" match to Chavo that would sideline Rey for the next ten months.

Overall this is a tremendous DVD about an under rated wrestler. There is a nice collection of matches and the WWE matches included are all good. Worth buying for the Rey/ Geurrera match from Halloween Havoc and the Rey/ Angle match at Summerslam 2002 alone.

If you are a fan of wrestling and get the chance, check it out, you won't regret it.

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