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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ersoyb 8 / 10

Muy divertido

I think it's a good adaptation of cartoon and I found it so funny. I lived in Spain and understand Spanish language. That's way, I understand that some people doesn't like this movie. A little bit difficult feel the ambiance of movie, if you're not familiar to Spanish society and language..

Reviewed by CaptnCnck 8 / 10

Entertaining parody

Many of the user reviews here are unduly harsh. SuperLopez is a Spanish parody of Superman: light entertainment, and if that's what you're looking for, it's quite fun. The lead actor is good, as is the rest of the cast. There are a lot of funny scenes and dialogue; it's not perfect, but few films are.

One random example: after the news breaks about the runaway train rescue, the Lois Lane-type character says there's no way there could be a Spanish superhero. "Who's the villain, punctuality?" If you find that line funny, you will probably enjoy this movie. If you don't, then maybe it's not for you.

Be sure to watch it in the original Spanish with English subtitles, which are well done.

Reviewed by vslampert 10 / 10

It's a funny parody

From someone who's never heard about Super Lopez before: I found this movie on Netflix and it's a great entertainment. Fun, light and well done. I'm Brazilian and didn't know this superhero even exist and I found hilarious. I watched with my husband and we both enjoyed it. It's a superhero parody and if you watch it without expectations you'll have some fun, too. I gave it 10 for the effort to make some good parody (and to correct the ratings. This movie doesn't deserve 5,4).

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