More Human Than Human



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by satania 1 / 10


I watched 50 whole minutes of this and then it hit me, this isn't a Rob Zombie documentary.

Reviewed by johnpechon 3 / 10

More sensational alarmist than an actual review of the subject.

Couldn't finish the whole thing but watched most of it. The majority of what I watched was highlighting AI that are built for a specific tasks. Then comparing them to human performance at that specific task.

Today everyone knows that a computer can go through piles of data faster than a human. The issue is context and subtlety. Anything that breaks the context foreseen by the programmer, breaks the AI.

Even as amazing as self learning machines are they are only as good as the variables they can evaluate. That's easier to do in a well defined task like chess but is much more difficult in say court cases. It also relies on lots of data with a clear goal. It can't handle one-of situations. It has to build itself up on piles of data.

From what I saw this documentary pushes the fear of AI becoming better than us and doesn't address just how far we are from a true AI. I would hope to learn more about the roadblocks currently in the field.

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