You Had Me at Aloha


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 238

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June 12, 2021 at 08:59 PM



Kavan Smith as Ben
Pascale Hutton as Paige
Jennifer Aspen as Millie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kalderton-63269 2 / 10

Could not finish watching!

Usually I like both actors, but this is basically unwatchable. So boring. The back and forth dialogue was far from entertaining.

Kavin's haircut has so blotchy, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Lol.

Reviewed by sellexcel 1 / 10


Someone stated it gets better as it goes, so I fast fwd and hour. Still awful..

This is really bad. They would've done way better just making it a full on realty show visiting different businesses & doing adventures in Hawaii.

Reviewed by thegarbagecan-65646 6 / 10

Not the usual Hallmark quality

My friends call me Mr. Hallmark. I enjoy 98% of what they make, watching most of their movies at least twice. I love Kavan and Pascale. Everything those two do together is fantastic! So much so that I think they deserve their own Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series!

But this movie wasn't Hallmark's best. The acting was great all around. The cinematography was on point as usual, and the story was there. It was the writing and editing that made this movie feel off. The first 30 minutes was frustrating because the scenes were so choppy, short and/or rushed. Too much telling instead of showing, which is a pitfall Hallmark has been repeating far too often these last couple of years.

It's definitely watchable. Kavan and Pascale single-handedly saved this movie for me just by being in it. I may not have watched it otherwise.

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