You're Killing Me


Comedy / Crime / Horror / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 338

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Mindy Cohn as Karen
Jack Plotnick as Louis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bajmba 3 / 10

This Movie is Killing Me

Someone had a clever idea but could follow through with their idea.

We have been looking for a new gay-themed movie to watch on Amazon Fire TV and found this title. The trailer looked interesting so we decided to invest in a rental. I wish we could get our money back.

The primary problem is that the writers could not decide if this was going to be a campy comedy or a true thriller, and in the end it wasn't either one.

I wouldn't call this a gay-themed movie even though it has gay characters. The only reason to add it to this genre is the gratuitous male nudity shot, which wasn't even that interesting.

There wasn't anyone to really root for in the movie. The two "actors" who play YouTube stars were given a role that added no value or interest to the movie.

There was potential here with a new idea for the genre but sadly it all fell flat.

Reviewed by TGGeeks 10 / 10

What do you get when "Mary" meets the Macabre

We had the immense pleasure of screening this film during the LGBT film block at Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego where it won four awards: Best Score in a Feature Film, Best Actor in a Feature Film – Matthew McKelligon, Best Director of a Feature Film – Jim Hansen, and Audience Favorite Film. American GLBT movies tend to rely on a variety of tropes, all depending on what kind of story you're telling. Sadly, the types of stories have all revolved around either AIDS or coming out. Even when the movie is a comedy, the tropes remain the same. However with this film the tropes are deliberate and played for laughs.

The narrative sort of revolves around two elements. We have our antagonist who relishes in killing anyone who gets in the way of his happiness, and then we have two gay friends (the movie heavily hints that they SHOULD be a couple instead of just friends) who have web series filled with comedic skits. The main plot of this story is when the two elements come together where our killer starts dating one of the friends behind the web series. It is here that the many gay tropes come into play, and while at first I found myself taking exception to these jokes, I suddenly remembered that I actually have some (gay) friends who are truly like that!

Once all is revealed the movie continues to take us on a few left turns, including the surprise appearance of a famous 80's TV actress. The acting is VERY well done by the leads in this movie, and the horror element balances out well with the comedy. This movie also suggests that perhaps there is a place for the GLBT community in the horror genre. We would recommend this film to all whether you are in the LGBT community or not, it has a lot of great laughs and is rather thought provoking.

Reviewed by nammage 4 / 10

Films Like This Are Killing Me

I've seen many gay films throughout my life. I love films in general (my ratings page and lists page of films I own, I believe, proves that) and they're a part of the film family. I own some gay-centered films but mainly toward lesbianism. Now, one could conclude I'm a pervert and perhaps I am to some extent but that's not why I prefer lesbian films vs male gay films. Lesbian films, I find, are more sensual. I know this is a Comedy-Horror but you have the main character hooking up with guys and I didn't believe any of it. There was that one character who showed some kind of emotion in his car after his boyfriend broke up with him after a year long relationship but past him; where's the emotion? And what was up with the guy just standing there watching the main character kill him (the dude who just got dumped) and then he's seen and doesn't run or scream and just stands there to get killed? That was pathetic and unrealistic. That's what this film seemed to me: pathetic and unrealistic.

This was a fast-paced film, in my opinion. Not because of any action sequences or anything but because everyone seems to be talking a mile-a-minute (not actually saying anything with substance) and the scenes go by like candy. And what's up with all the people being stabbed and not making any reaction of going through any physical pain? I've been stabbed, it hurts like hell; I'm a tough guy and when it happened to me, I had a reaction. I didn't scream out in pain but I did have a reaction; there's no reaction here basically by anyone when they're being killed. First guy killed: no reaction. Guy in car being killed: only reacted when the main character was bludgeoning him with a wrench; being stabbed and having his intestines ripped out of his body: no reaction. Guy right after being hit in the head with wrench: just stands there with no reaction. Joe's mother had a reaction but the actress seemed as if she was overacting. Naked guy being stabbed over and over again: no reaction. His girlfriend has a reaction but is it from being stabbed or just the surprise of seeing her boyfriend dead and then the fact it was Joe who did it? I couldn't tell.

I did like the George scenes. He was humorous in a not so much humorous film. The dinner scene with Joe's parents was humorous (would've been better as a longer scene.) The most interesting scenes, for me, were the flashes and/or imaginings. Past that, it was a below-average film. The composition was okay but sometimes played in places unnecessarily. The acting wasn't horrible; seemed a bit plain throughout. The direction was okay, the script was blah most of the time. Overall: worth only a single watch; I'll forget it soon after. Well, that's the facts of life...

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