Young Billy Young


Action / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 35%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 918


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Angie Dickinson as Lily Beloit
David Carradine as Jesse Boone
Robert Mitchum as Deputy Ben Kane
Paul Fix as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dukeakasmudge 3 / 10

Young Billy Young

Talk about a MAJOR disappointment!!! That's what Young Billy Young was.This was a Western that had it all, Action, Adventure, Shoot-outs, Romance, Drama, everything a Western should have.I was into this movie right from the start.I was so into it I expected to add it to my wish list.I expected to recommend it to anybody looking for a good Western to watch especially anybody into Westerns like I am.Young Billy Young was a GREAT movie until......... the main bad guy was killed.The way it was done I was like THAT'S IT??? THAT'S ALL??? Just like that, it's over?! All that Action, Adventure, Shoot-outs, Romance, Drama, as much as I was into this movie, it felt like a COMPLETE & TOTAL waste.I don't know how I would've done things differently but the way the main bad guy was killed was completely & totally lame, the credits rolling up right after & that's it, the movie ends.The air was most definitely let out of the tires.Young Billy Young was a GREAT Western that was screwed up by a NO GOOD, TERRIBLE, LOUSY ending.I will NOT be recommending Young Billy Young to anybody, Western fan or not

Reviewed by classicsoncall 7 / 10

"When you look up to somebody, you expect them to do the right thing".

'Old Ben Kane' might have been the better title for this Western flick. Just like his namesake from "High Noon", First Deputy Ben Kane (Robert Mitchum) refuses to leave town when he knows the bad guys are coming just for him. Young Billy Young (Robert Walker Jr.) valiantly intends to help out, even after Kane cold-cocked him once when he snuck up on his campfire in the middle of the night. For his trouble, Kane knocks him out again so he doesn't interfere with one man's mission to go up against a dozen outlaws. You might wonder how rational Kane himself was under the circumstances.

There's a good reason Angie Dickinson used to show up in these Westerns with folks like Mitchum and Dean Martin, one look at her opening dance hall number will clue you in. As the sometime lady pal of Gaslight Saloon owner John Behan (Jack Kelly), Lily Beloit recalls her association with Kane back in Dodge City, and the reason Kane is all fired up to go against Frank Boone (John Anderson), who actually doesn't show up until the last part of the story. With Dave Carradine in the role of Jesse Boone, I was once again reminded how much the Carradine Brothers resembled John Anderson, who could have played their father, and actually did in the same year's "Heaven With a Gun" in which he and David portrayed a father and son.

Except for the name of John Behan in the story, I would never have guessed this was based on a novel titled "Who Rides With Wyatt". There's really no other connection I can decipher among the principals being based on Wyatt Earp or his contemporaries, so I guess one has to take the film maker's word for it. Although Kane using his weapon to pistol whip Billy a couple of times came pretty close to resembling Wyatt Earp's style.

See if you can catch a really weird error in that confrontation between Kane and Frank Boone. Riding atop Charlie's (Paul Fix) stagecoach, Kane shoots Boone and there's a quick cut to Boone lying on the ground. When the camera comes back to the coach, Kane is sitting next to Charlie, but after another quick cutaway, Kane is back on top of the coach! Talk about lightning fast, he did that almost as quick as hauling Lily off to get married!

Reviewed by revtg1-3 1 / 10

glad they didn't have smell-o-vision

I saw this movie many, many moons ago and I thought at the time, That has to be the dumbest movie since "Pony Express" with Charlton Heston. No doubt Mitchum thought about quitting the movies after he made this one. It would not surprise me to learn he thought about slitting his wrists. I watched it again to see if I remembered it right. Reminds me of the Hush-Puppy shoe commercials. The Japanese could have made it cheaper but they could not have made it dumber. Has all the stupid clichés. Outlaws chasing a stagecoach. No one did that. Not even the Indians. Saguaro cacti in a place they never grow. Fast draw duel. Man lights a candle and a 40 watt light bulb illuminates the room. One tap on the head and a man is unconscious with no ill effects. Don't know how many more times I will be afforded the opportunity to not watch this movie but I look forward to every one.

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