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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
IMDb Rating 7.2 10 3420


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Anthony Michael Hall as Professor Merkin
Andy Milonakis as Freddie Hustle
Calum Worthy as Adam
Simon Rex as Donnie Narco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by praveensam-12494 10 / 10


The movie was CRAZY. Loved it. The lyrics were insaneeeeeeee.

Reviewed by alimone 10 / 10

Please Don't Compare To 8 Mile.

8 Mile doesn't have enough bars to keep up with Bodied. There is not a dull moment in this movie. It transitions from comedy to drama to comedy to drama to horror to comedy to action to comedy to drama to suspense to comedy etc..couldn't stop watching. Jackie Long & Calum Worthy performances were so good you would think they were really battle rappers. Script is full, all the characters matter. No misses. All hits. Joseph Kahn should get some gold in February.

Reviewed by Aktham_Tashtush 8 / 10

Rapping wise it was good ,, Directing wise it was phenomenal

"My name is"

Oh my goodness !! my rating for the movie was around high 6 ,, up until the last 30 minutes where i felt i'm on a crazy emotional roller coaster ,, the rapping ,, in first half it was good and steady but not that "8-mile" rap final battle level .. even though i loved the battle with "Prospek" at the beginning ,,, the rapping in the second half it was explosive, emotional and Soooo thrilling ,, i watched the whole thing with subtitle "As you do :D" and it still felt fast and connected and well rhymed bars.

"That little love tap, That was real touching ... But i just murdered my own friend, so you should know that i don't feel nothing"

Aside for the rapping "stressing on the last unbelievable 30 minutes" Joseph Kahn did one amazing job on the Directing !!! man the camera movement , the pauses , the monologue were just on point ,, with each zoom-in you just feel the excitement and thrill of "Adam" thinking what to say next .. In Joseph Kahn style of Directing you can see so many diversity you can even a smell a breeze of Quentin Tarantino in some close-up scenes .

"I mighta lost a tooth but ... F#ck it, I just beat you for the crown".

I gotta go back a little bit before going to the casting,, Eminem was in the whole thing as a producer but i actually felt some bars sees his style in some way , and i do appreciate ;) -- and not forgetting the comedy in the screenplay was high class,, and that nervousness added a lot to the drama/comedy mix.

So the cast ,, first time seeing that Canadian boy Calum Worthy on anything,, but OMG !!! ,,the last couple of scenes alone just say a lot about how he will turn out to be in a couple of years, his facial expressions are out of this world ... Jackie Long was amazing too and same goes for Walter Perez and Jonathan Park (who was really funny).

"Megaton vs Adam".

Finally ,, the story is really good and the rapping is even better than i expected "Noting that i'm not a rapping expert and all" ,, but the last 30 minutes a lone makes watching the whole 2 hours movie 10 times worth it ... do it .. recommended.

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