The Midwife's Deception



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 / 10

Don't do it!

You will be extremely upset with yourself if you waste your time watching this movie. The plot is ridiculous...IE: would you trust a total stranger to deliver your baby in your home, by choice and after having had 2 prior miscarriages? Well if your answer is yes, then you should watch it. LOL It's basically a VERY BAD rehashed version of "the Hand That Rocks the Cradle" ...VERY BAD!

Reviewed by janmarju 2 / 10

Avoid, avoid, avoid..... unless you have nothing else better to do.

By the title alone and this being a Lifetime movie you pretty much know how it's going to play out, but at least I thought it would be entertaining. Why invite someone into your life and home just on their word alone that they're a midwife and you do not do a thorough background check? Even the friend could see through the fake midwife's act, but true to Lifetime's movie form, the person who's NOT being fooled, opens up their big mouths in front of the LP and get themselves killed, instead of keeping their cool and gathering information to expose the LP. The ending was laughable and since there are some ***SPOILERS*** I won't spoil the comical ending.

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